The Invitations

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    SEINFELD At Its Darkest (and Funniest)

    By kahchoo, Aug 09, 2006

    Few sitcoms have tried to mine humor from subjects like death, sickness and physical handicaps, but SEINFELD managed to find comic gold in the most unlikely places. What other show would dare use a woman in a wheelchair for a sight gag and somehow manage to make an audience laugh instead of being offended? "The Invitations" brilliantly caps what is perhaps the show's greatest season. In retrospect, everyone should have seen the final gag coming a mile away. After all, how else could George possibly (and plausibly) escape his wedding? It's obvious but so ruthless that I don't think it ever registered as a possibility. I remember watching it for the first time and when I saw Susan getting sicker and sicker, my jaw literally fell open. I couldn't believe Larry David would go there, but he did and his decision was as audacious as it was absolutely and hilariously right. Putting aside the macabre denouement, one also has to applaud everything leading up to it: Jerry's engagement to "himself", Kramer's attempt to bilk 100 bucks out of a bank, and (especially) George's last-ditch attempts to sabotage the engagement (that smoking bit makes me laugh out loud every time). The episode perfectly completes the story arc set up in "The Engagement" and would've made for a perfect series finale. I'm glad it wasn't the last show, but this one stands as final testament to both Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David's combined genius.moreless

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    What a great episode!

    By OeTvGreat, Jun 29, 2006

    This episode is pretty cool, because George is finally getting married but he doesn't wants to because is too much pressure, so in order to get out from it he tries anything he can, but every thing turns against him, so George only hopes are gone, at least until the doctor tells George that his wife died of intoxication from the invitations, and George tries to simulate he is really depressed, but he is really happy indeed. Meanwhile, Jerry finds the perfect woman for her, that apparently is the exactly the same as Jerry, for a moment he enjoys it, but later he discovers that he hates himself, and it turns out worse when Jerry asks her to marry with him. This episode is really cool and is one of the best ones I have seen.moreless

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