The Label Maker

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  • 9.7

    A very special episode of Seinfeld and probably one of the best, by far.

    By familyguy12, Apr 09, 2007

    When Jerry gets tickets to the Super Bowl, he can't find anybody to go to the game with because Jerry is in the Drake's wedding party. So, he gives the tickets to Tim Whatley and in return, Tim gives Jerry a Label Maker. But Elaine and Jerry suspect something when Elaine gave Tim the same Label Maker. Also, George tries to get his girlfriend's roommate (who is a guy) to leave the apartment, he does everything he could to get him out. He eventually does, but doesn't get eveything that he wants in return. Also, Kramer and Newman are very serious about a game of Risk that they are playing (funniest part in the episode). When Jerry finds out in the end that he can go to the game, he sees the one person that he can't stand the most sitting right next to him... Newman!. This was a great and classic episode. I can watch this episode over and over again.moreless

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    Kramer and Newman duke it out with a game of Risk.

    By funkmasterjim9, Jul 28, 2005

    I love this episode! It'd probably my fav episode of all!

    For everyone who loves've gotta watch this episode. It's as memorible as the Soup Nazi.

    There are some great quotes in this episode such as "The Ukraine Is Weak!" and "It's Risk, a game of world domination played by two guys who can barely run thier own lives."

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