The Lip Reader

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    Jerry is smitten with a line judge at the US Open, but after he gets her attention, he finds out she is deaf.

    By ParkPlace2623, Apr 26, 2008

    This episode was so funny. I enjoyed watching every single minute of it. It was such an amazing episode. Then again, Seinfeld is always so amazing. I especially loved the part where the lip reader got "six" and "sex" mixed up. It was so hilarious. I also really really loved the part where she was lip reading George's ex-girlfriend's conversation with another man, and misinterpreted what she said. This episode is yet another great installment to this series. I love this show so much, especially this episode. This episode is just so above average. This episode is definitely a series classic.moreless

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  • 9.5

    Lips don't Lie!

    By GeorgeJobson, Dec 04, 2006

    It's another banner day for the Seinfeld clan. first up it's the scene at the baseball game where George was eating ice cream on the large screen for everybody to watch. In nthe limo, elaine petend to be deaf so that the limo driver won't talk to her. When he utter the name Tom Hanks, Elaine open her mouth. a funny scene. The rest of the gang use Marlee Matlin to earsdrop on people, that didn't go so well. One of the best episode of another great season for "Seinfeld." The show about nothing, has plenty to show off. Another classic episode.moreless

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  • 9.8

    “It’s not you…it’s me!” George gets dumped and has Jerry’s new girlfriend, a deaf woman who reads lip, eavesdrop on his ex’s conversation to find out why she really dumped him.

    By graygirl4ever, Nov 12, 2006

    George’s girlfriend dumps him, using the line “It’s not you… it’s me,” which he claims he invented. He tells her “if it’s anyone, it’s me” and storms off. Elaine pretends to be deaf, so that she doesn’t have to make small talk with a cab driver, while Jerry falls for a deaf line judge at a tennis match. Jerry goes out for dinner with George and the deaf woman, who they learn reads lips. Jerry and George attempt to have a conversation without her reading their lips by using their arms and napkins to hide their mouths, but fail. The deaf woman goes to a party with them and reads the lips of George’s ex, but a miscommunication caused by Kramer makes George think his ex is sleeping with someone else.moreless

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