The Little Jerry

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    "Little Jerry, Kramer, Stop the Fight, Tamales" The best episode ever!!! Exactly why I watch this show!!!

    By jcorp_haro, Jul 15, 2006

    I love this episode!!!

    "Little Jerry," said Kramer! "Kramer," said Jerry. "Stop the fight," said Elaine; and George just called the tamales.

    I love this episode. Classic, funny and it follows the show. Come on! This show is really classic!!! In this episode, the relationship between George and the girl at prision. "I think a normal relationship is not ok for me," said George. He is absolutely crazy, in this and all of the episodes.

    I love this episode, I repeat.

    Jerry, you just have to continue this show, I want more seasons with more of this great episodes.moreless

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    Great episode!

    By OeTvGreat, Jul 13, 2006

    Jerry gets in trouble after the owner of the store puts a check of Jerry that he denies to take out, Kramer buys a rooster thinking that is a chicken and ends up putting him into cock fighting that ends up with Little Jerry being a born fighter, but when he fights against a rooster bigger than him, Kramer gets in time to save him, also George begins to date a woman from prison, and Elaine begins to date a man that has a beautiful hair but is getting bald. really cool episode!moreless

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    Little Jerry Seinfeld

    By sluggmunki_tx, Mar 18, 2006

    I saw this episode the other day and I had to write a review of this episode. Kramer buys a mistaken chicken for a rooster. It wakes up Jerry. Jerry on the other hand bounced his check at the bodega. Elaine is dating a guy who's going bald and gets George for advice. George on the other hand is dating a convict. Back to Jerry and Kramer, the check will be down if Marcellino will take Little Jerry in numerous rounds of cockfighting. The funniest part of the episode occurs when Kramer tries to get Little Jerry out of the match and gets attacked by Marcellino's chicken. Absolutely funny. LOL!moreless

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