The Little Kicks

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Quotes (15)

  • Elaine: (after her fight with Frank Costanza) He wrote the check and I cashed it.

  • (about George's dad) George: During that period when my folks were separated, he went a little crazy. Jerry: Not a very long trip.

  • Elaine: You know, revulsion has now become a valid form of attraction. Jerry: Well, then you're driving me wild.

  • Jerry: People with guns don't understand. That's why they get guns, too many misunderstandings.

  • Kramer: Jerry, look, you got to shoot this movie for me. Brody is a reasonable man, but he's insane!

  • Kramer: Death Blow: Where someone tries to blow you up, not because of who you are, but for different reasons altogether.

  • Kramer: (about bootlegging movies) It's a legitimate business. Jerry: It's not legitimate! Kramer: It's a business.

  • (describing Elaine's dancing) George: It's like a full body dry heave set to music.

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Notes (3)

  • In this episode Elaine refers to George as "a bad seed." In 509 The Masseuse, Jerry called George "a bad seed" when his girlfriend was complaining about him.

  • On the bootleg of Cry, Cry, Again that Kramer made, if you listen to the bootleg, you'll hear Kramer shout out "Aw, man! I sat in gum!" This is the same thing George says at the end of the episode "The Movie". Poor blokes.

  • It was reported in Allure magazine that the dance moves Elaine made were completely Lorne Michaels (noted Saturday+Night+Live producer) own moves.

Trivia (9)

  • When Elaine arrives at the park in a taxi to take Anna away from George, the "New York City" taxi cab has California license plates.

  • Jerry tells Elaine that he has to throw something in the laundry. However, in multiple other episodes we learn that Jerry sends his laundry out.

  • (Iyad El-Baghdadi) When Elaine mentions the "Big Peterman Bash" she's throwing, George asks "Food? BAR? George?" - but we know (from the "Red Dot" episode) that George doesn't drink...

  • RE: Dugan's writing block: Thats not a goof, its a in-show joke

  • When George is ironing his pants while speaking on the phone to Elaine, the land-based phone he's holding isn't attached to a phone cord!

  • At the screening of "Death Blow," as the house lights go down and the guys get comfortable, Kramer says, "Here we go..." and Brodie starts filming. Obviously the movie is starting immediately, which never happens these days. There are always 5-10 minutes of public service announcements, commercials, and/or previews before the main feature.

  • Jerry opens his apartment door after letting George into the building on the intercom. When Kramer leaves with the ice cream, the door is closed.

  • Dugan, the J. Peterman catalog staffer, must have writer's block. This episode marks the second time in four weeks that he brainstorms a writing sample that begins, "I pressed through the rushes..." (The first time, in "The Foundation," was to promote a washcloth.)

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Allusions (1)

  • Jerry: I am big, it's the bootlegs that got small.
    Near the end of the episode Jerry is told that he used to be big in bootlegs. He responds as stated above. This is a direct reference to the 1950 film "Sunset Blvd." Joe Gillis (William Holden): "Wait a minute, haven't I seen you before? I know your face ... you're Norma Desmond! Used to be in silent pictures. Used to be big." Norma Desmond (Gloria Swanson): "I am big. It's the pictures that got small."