The Maid

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Quotes (17)

  • Elaine: Here we go... (to Billy) Cough Billy, Gammy's not feeling so well... I have to go now, I think Gammy might be dying. (cough) Don't call anymore, Gammy's dead now, bye! (Hangs up)

  • Elaine: What a nightmare it must be to have a real family.

  • Jerry: What did I just pay for? Kramer: Uh-oh, you're a John.

  • George: You're sleeping with the maid? Jerry: Yes. George: I've done that. Did you ever eat an ostrich burger?

  • Phone repairman: Look, I work for the phone company. I've had a lot of experience with semantics, so don't try to lure me into some maze of circular logic. Elaine: You know, I could've killed you and no one would've known. Phone repairman: I could've killed you and no one would've known.

  • Elaine: (to Jerry) There's nothing more sophisticated than diddling the maid and then chewing some gum.

  • George: Well, Jerry, I've been thinking. I've gone as far as I can go with George Costanza. Jerry: Is this the suicide talk or the nickname talk? George: The nickname... George, what is that? It's nothing. It's got no snap, no zip. I need a nickname that makes people light up. Jerry: You mean like Liza! George: I was thinking T-Bone. Jerry: But there's no T in your name. What about G-Bone? George: There's no G-Bone. Jerry: There's a G-Spot. George: That's a myth.

  • Elaine: (whispering) When did you get a maid? Jerry: You don't have to whisper, she knows she's a maid.

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Notes (1)

  • At one point, Cindy says "Koko, that girl's alright." This is much like David Puddy's line in The Dealership where he says "Koko, that chimp's alright."

Trivia (3)

  • When Jerry and Elaine are playing the game "Battleship," Elaine call's a "hit," and Jerry puts a white peg on his board -- the peg should be red for a "hit."

  • This is the second episode in a row where George makes reference to eating an ostrich burger.

  • Just before storming out of Jerry's apartment, George says, "Say goodbye to Koko," and Jerry responds, "Goodbye Koko." Then Kramer enters and also appears to say, "Goodbye Koko." However, the voice dubbed in for this line is clearly not Michael Richards's.

Allusions (2)

  • Famous Original Ray's: When Kramer calls Jerry in a panic, he says he's across from Ray's Pizza, and Jerry asks it's "Famous Ray's". Kramer responds that it's "Original Ray's", and Jerry again wants to know if it's "Famous Original Ray's". Famous Original Ray's Pizza in New York was so successful, that several copycats with similar names opened around town as well.

  • Jerry: Stay alive! No matter what occurs, I will find you! Jerry's line as he leaves to "rescue" a lost Kramer from downtown, was a famous Daniel Day Lewis line from The Last of the Mohicans.