The Pilot (1)

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Quotes (4)

  • Jerry: (to George) You know the message you're sending out to the world with these sweat pants? You're telling the world: I give up! I can't compete in normal society. I'm miserable, so I might as well be comfortable.

  • George: God would never let me be successful; he'd kill me first. He'd never let me be happy. Therapist: I thought you didn't believe in God? George: I do for the bad things.

  • Jerry: Can't you at least die with a little dignity? George: No, I can't. I can't die with dignity. I have no dignity. I want to be the one person who doesn't die with dignity. I live my whole life in shame. Why should I die with dignity?

  • 'Crazy' Joe: Good luck on the pilot Jerry...(smiles)

Notes (3)

  • This two-part episode was nominated for the 1993 Emmy Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Editing for a Series - Multi-Camera Production.

  • Acording to TV Guide, Larry Hankin who plays the "TV Kramer" actually auditioned for the role of Kramer back in 1989.

  • Originally broadcast as part of a 60 min episode.

Trivia (4)

  • During the auditions, the lines are taken from the past episodes "The Pony Remark", "The Deal", "The Note" and "The Boyfriend: Part 1".

  • Russell tells Elaine that NBC will be doing a pilot with "a bright, young comedian, Jerry Seinfeld," and Elaine pretends that she's "heard of him." However, there is a character in the pilot based on, and even named after Elaine. How is it that Russell, the president of NBC, doesn't know that Elaine knows Jerry personally?

  • Russell explains the premise of the show to Elaine, as being "about nothing," and describes the show by asking what she had done that day, and replying, "There's a show...that's a show." This conversation is almost identical George's original pitch to Russell and the other executives in "The Pitch."

  • In this episode when Jerry and Elaine are at the coffeshop, we learn that it is under new management. In a previous episode 4x17 'The Outing' we saw Lawrence Mandley play the manager. Now he is replaced by the new manager Al Ruscio. But in a subsequent episode called 'The Wife', Lawrence Mandley is suddenly the manager again and continues to be for at least 2 more future episodes. So what happened, did he get the store back?