The Postponement

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Quotes (3)

  • George: You know, Spring! Rejuvenation, re-birth, everything's blooming, all that crap!

  • Jerry: I think it's fantastic, I think it's a fantastic idea. (In model-type voice)

  • Kramer: Aren't we entitled to make one mistake in our lives Jerry? Jerry: We gotta change the system!

Notes (1)

  • Bruce Mahler also played a rabbi character with Seinfeld writer/executive producer Larry David on ABC's Fridays from April 1980 to October 1982. That show was ABC's answer to Saturday Night Live and also featured Michael Richards, whose most notable character was a small boy who played with toy soldiers in his backyard sandbox. Other Fridays regular performers that have also appeared in this series include Maryedith Burrell and Melanie Chartoff.

Trivia (9)

  • The reason that doors on bathroom stalls don't go "all the way to the floor" is for ventilation. Otherwise, by law, the stalls would have to be individually ventilated as they are with "classy" washrooms. Even then, there have to be vents in the door to permit air to enter the stall from the bottom.

  • According to the Rabbi, George thinks it's fine to buy sex from a prostitute but back in "The Fix - up" George was disgusted by that idea.

  • When Jerry and Elaine enter his apartment discussing George's engagement and if he's happy they appear to be returning from the market. However, Elaine is carrying 3 cans of beer without any wrapping in with a six-pack ring. The other 3 cans appear to have vanished on the way from the market. Later Elaine takes the other 2 cans back out with her and simply slings them over her shoulder to leave.

  • On his cable show, the rabbi says that according to Elaine, George wondered whether going to a prostitute while engaged was considered cheating. But then, when Elaine sees George she excitedly says that she hadn't yet seen him since he'd gotten engaged. However, her talk with the rabbi was before that scene, and so she couldn't have shared what George was wondering with the rabbi.

  • Jerry apologizes for getting Kramer in trouble with the movie usher. Kramer then says that he's actually grateful to Jerry, because thanks to him, he's going to sue Java World. However, it has nothing to do with Jerry that Kramer got burned. The coffee spilled when he was trying to get to his seat. Jerry merely hinted to the usher that Kramer had tried to sneak the coffee into the theatre.

  • In this episode, when Jerry and Kramer are outside the theater waitng to go in to see "Plan 9 from Outer Space", they are discussing how Kramer won't be allowed to bring in his Cafe Latte. This scene clearly shows Kramer putting the lid on the Cafe Late before going into the theater and spilling it on himself and getting burned. This is significant, because in the next episode, "The Maestro," Jackie Chiles rests much of his case on the fact that Java World put the cap on the cup, not Kramer, and Kramer confirms this to him.

  • According to "The Chinese Restaurant", Jerry only wanted to see "Plan 9 From Outer Space", so that he could make sarcastic remarks about it. He decided not to watch it, because he did not like the idea of making sarcastic remarks to strangers. But when Jerry ratted Kramer out, that would mean he would now have to keep quiet or make sarcastic remarks to strangers.

  • When Jerry, Elaine and Kramer are in Jerry's apartment, Elaine crushes an empty can on the kitchen counter and then leaves. The next shot shows a different smashed can on the cutting board.

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