The Puerto Rican Day

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    The "Banning" - The Laughably Ludicrous Part

    By The-Satan-Bug, Sep 29, 2010

    And what is the most ridiculously ludicrous thing about the syndication prohibitions (the "banning") of this episode of Seinfeld?

    Only in the United States! Only in the US would the majority - the VAST majority - grovel and kowtow before the humorless zealots of the minority. Only here. Typical.

    And why do I say "Only in the United States?"

    You have to love the irony here...

    The "ban" is ONLY applied in US television markets. "The Puerto Rican Day" episode is almost always included in the syndicated reruns when this series airs in other countries.

    And what's the most ludicrous part? ...Every major Latino television market in South America that airs syndicated "Seinfeld" reruns regularly includes this episode.moreless

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    So this episode was banned in the USA huh?! not in Australia it wasnt.. they played it all the time on TV..

    By jameshaagensen, Nov 26, 2007

    Just found out that this episode was banned lol-

    Everyone needs 2 lighten up... seriously... and that there were protesters..... Lighten up u jerks... some people e are so uptight... relax

    if people were ok with the contest episode.. this episode is fine.. nothings wrong with it..

    They played it over and over all the time in Australia... and I never heard of people being upset about it...

    It was a pretty funny episode...

    On the way back from a lopsided Mets game, the gang gets caught in a neverending traffic jam complicated by the Puerto Rican Day Parade. The day ends with all four in very compromising situations.moreless

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    The "Banned" Episode!

    By timboy219, Nov 12, 2007

    I had only seen this once when it was on NBC, until I watched it on the season 9 DVD last night. I forgot how entertaining this episode was. Especialy George with the laser pointer being pointed at him, and Kramer as H.E. Pennypacker. On the DVD, it is interesting to watch the Inside Look feature for this episode to see why this episode was banned. It was actually the fact of the burning of the Puerto Rican flag that upset many Puerto Rican people. I didn't really like the maroon Golf guy though. The same guy appeared in "The Engagement" episode when him and Jerry were walking out of Firestorm.moreless

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    I agree with the last reviewer on this...

    By dellective, Jan 05, 2007

    I have only seen this episode once too, I had to dowload it because i wanted to see it again, I waited to see if Fox was going to play it when they were going through the final season in order, and they just skip it. I think i heard somewhere that the episode is most of the time skipped because there is a part in the episode where Kramer burns the Puerto Rican flag, which may offend some viewers. But it's not like it was done in bad taste, it was an accident and they don't offend any puerto ricans in the episode. Still i thought it was good, Karmer, Georger and Jerry all using their fake names, classic.moreless

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