The Robbery

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Quotes (30)

  • Policeman: Well, Mr. Seinfeld, we'll look into it and, uh, we'll let you know if we find anything. Jerry: Do you ever find anything? Policeman: No.

  • Policeman: Let's see, that's uh, one TV, a stereo, one leather jacket, a VCR and a computer is that 'bout it? Elaine: Answering machine. Jerry: Answering machine. Oh, I hate the idea of someone out there returning my calls.

  • Jerry: So I move into the center lane, now I get ahead of this women, who felt for some reason I guess, that she thought that I cut her off. So, she pulls up along side of me, gives me the finger. It seems like such an arbitrary, ridiculous thing to just pick a finger and you show it to the person. It's a finger, what does it mean? Someone shows me one of their fingers and I'm supposed to feel bad. Is that the way it's supposed to work? I mean, you could just give someone the toe, really, couldn't you? I would feel worse if I got the toe, than if I got the finger. 'Cause it's not easy to give someone the toe, you've gotta get the shoe off, the sock off and drive, get it up and… (Jerry pretends to drive with one foot in the air, giving the toe.) "Look at that toe, buddy." (He puts his foot down.) I mean, that's really insulting to get the toe, isn't it?

  • Jerry: How late are the stores open? I'm thinking of maybe of buying a new TV and smash it over my head.

  • Diane: How, how could you guys have turned this place down, it's such a great location and it's so close to the park. George: We're aware of the proximity to the park, yes.

  • Larry: I'm running in the park now, I've lost weight, we're barbecuing every night and the rent is unbelievable. George: We're really glad for you. Elaine: Couldn't be happier. Jerry: It's wonderful.

  • George: I go to visit my grandparents. They're having big brisket sandwiches; I'm sitting here with a carrot!

  • Kramer: Now, I'm gonna go over there, I'm gonna borrow some tea. If I don't get back in five minutes, maybe you'd better call the police. Jerry: OK, starting (looks at his watch)…NOW! Kramer: Yeah! (runs off)

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Notes (3)

  • This is the first episode of Seinfeld written by someone other than Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David.

  • During his appearence Friday May 15, 1992 on episode #1633 of Late Night with David Letterman, Jerry used a clip from this episode -- the scene in which he says "The door...MUST BE CLOSED!" -- to illustrate 'the secret to acting on TV shows.'

  • Kathleen Tracy's book "Jerry Seinfeld" mentions that this is the first episode featuring Kramer's trademark "entrance" (Kramer zooming into Jerry's apartment without warning). Kathleen states that this was an accident made by Michael Richards who was late on his cue of entering Jerry's apartment, so Michael zoomed into Jerry's apartment to make up for lost time. Michael, playing Kramer, zooming into Jerry's apartment later became a habit, and later became a trademark.

Trivia (3)

  • Before leaving his apartment in Elaine’s care, Jerry tells her that no meat should ever be kept in his fridge. However in the pilot episode, Kramer comes by to take meat for his sandwich and finds some in Jerry’s fridge.

  • At the housewarming they are introduced to the waitress's new neighbor, as she walks away George mumbles "Nice meeting you" and shakes the waitress's hand instead of the neighbor's.

  • Jerry wants to sell Elaine his couch before she moves into his apartment. He tells her to "get it out of here" and "take it out the door". If she is moving in, the couch should not be going anywhere.

Allusions (2)

  • Jerry: You would still wanna move in here? Elaine: Yes! You don't understand. I'm living with Ethel Merman without the talent. Ethel Merman was an American singer/actress who was often referred to as "The Grande Dame of the Broadway stage". She was best known for her musical theatre performances, but Merman also appeared in a number of TV shows from the 1950s to 1980s.

  • Jerry: Where did you come from? When Jerry asks George this question, George makes a strange hand-clapping. That motion is a reference to the TV-show "I Dream Of Jeannie".