The Secret Code

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  • George: (talking to Peterman's unconscious mother) I really should be getting back to my fiancĂ©. We had this big fight yesterday and, well, she wants to know my secret code. I don't know, I can't tell her. The funny thing is, I would really love to tell someone because it's killing me. You want to know what it is? It's Bosco. You know the chocolate syrup. I love that stuff. I pour it in milk. It's my favorite drink.

  • Petermen: I'll tell the maitre'd it'll just be the three bulls.

  • George: I am not giving my code to anyone, for any reason! Jerry: What if my life depended on it? George: If you're in some situation where some fast cash will save your life, I'll give you the code.

  • Peterman: Mama, it's me, Jacobo, I'm here for you, mama.

  • George: Where are we gonna eat? Jerry: We're gonna meet Elaine and Peterman at the Chinese place. George: Peterman? Nobody mentioned anything about Peterman. Jerry: Of course not, if I did, would you have gone? George: No way. Jerry: There you go. George: I don't even know Peterman. How the hell am I gonna relax? I'm gonna have to be on all night. I don't like being on, Jerry, I would much rather be off. Jerry: Trust me, you're off.

  • Kramer: Well, you just joked yourself right out of that commercial, didn't you, munjamba.

  • George: I reached down… and there was nothing there!

  • Jerry: I gotta go down to Leapin' Larry's. Kramer: Oh, so he took you back? Jerry: Yeah, we straightened it out. All is forgiven. Kramer: Well, you know the important thing is that you learned something. Jerry: No, I didn't.

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Notes (2)

  • The external shots of the fire house in this episode are the same as the exterior shots in Ghostbusters. Exterior scenes of the Ghostbusters headquarters were filmed at the Hook and Ladder #8 Firehouse in the Tribeca section of New York City. Inside the firehouse are a Ghostbusters sign and photos taken with the cast and crew.

  • While trying to get the secret code out of George, Jerry says the line "sing it sister." He'll later use this line again in "The Dealership."

Trivia (2)

  • From the outside, the restaurant where Jerry and George meet Peterman is the same restaurant as in Season 2's "The Chinese Restaurant," Hunan 5th Ave. However, the inside is completely different from the one shown in that episode.

  • Kramer is driving the rear end of the hook and ladder fire truck. A hook and ladder truck has a tractor and a trailer. The driver of the trailor (ladder)steers the back wheels to manuever through city streets. The one showed going down the street is a straight ladder truck (no trailer).