The Serenity Now

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    Insanely good

    By sremnes, Jan 28, 2015

    This shows George's dad selling computers and Jerry showing he ccan be mad then breaks up with his girlfriend just to relize he is in love really. Then he proposes marriage. HJillarious.

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    Hoochie Mama!!!

    By OnePerCentClub, Sep 01, 2009

    Season 9 was in my opinion, very good. Kramer's plot was very funny. His problem with the kids from the building and having all that anger inside led him to destroy something very valuable. I couldn't stop laughing with this Endora's comment and then when he told George that he 'owed him one'.

    I like how that plot fits with George, whose dysfunctional family has one the best dynamics of the season. And George was very stupid to follow that well, stupid idea.

    Elaine has some trouble of her own with Mr. Lippman's son and well, at some point I wished I could've seen her and Jerry together. Well, it was good while it lasted.moreless

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  • 9.7

    Serenity Now! Classic...

    By titiembe, Dec 22, 2007

    Hah hah this was a very funny episode. Jerry lets go of all his emotions, which results in his breaking up with his weekly girlfriend and him constantly telling George he loves him and trying to get engaged with Elaine. George cometes with Lloyd on selling computers, and tries to fake it by telling Kramer to keep them... which doesn't work out. Elaine has this appeal to religious people, and in the end tries to get married to Jerry, but he denies it... I loved it when the 13 year old made out with her, he is a true man. Kramer tries to make a house of his space, which results in lots of stringy stuff. So it was a really great episode. A definite classic.moreless

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  • 9.6

    A Seinfeld Classic!

    By NoOneIsAlone, Nov 25, 2006

    This is one of my favorite episodes from Season 9! Is really cool! Frank Constanza begins a new business of selling computers and eventually begins shouting "Serenity Now!" every time he has too much pressure in himself. He invites George to join him, but he does not care, until he sees that the other employee, Lloyd, is winning at him, or at least he thinks. So George tries to sell computers to everyone he can. Elaine begins to be the object of attraction to Jews people, when a kid kisses her in a Bar-Mitzvah, and then his father, and that is because she is shiksa. Jerry is convince by his new girlfriend to let out his emotions and feelings and begins getting mad at almost everything, and that causes a leftout of feelings from depression to love of evertyhing, and eventually asks Elaine to marry him. Elaine does not answer and when she finally says yes, Jerry tells her that it is not going to happen. Kramer turns his home into a native USA house and begins to get bother by children, which eventually drive him carzy. Great episode, a classic of Seinfeld!moreless

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    Best episode of all...

    By dsmithgo6, Nov 20, 2006

    This is my favorite episode of all. The best part of the show is when Kramer takes Frank\\\'s screen door, and installs it on his apartment door. The plants outside, the BBQ, the WINDCHIMES......hillarious. Hoochie Mama! George selling computers competing against Lloyd Braun--another classic scenario. Then finding out at the end that Lloyd\\\'s phone wasn\\\'t even hooked up. \\\"You\\\'re not giving away our WaterPik\\\". Again, I can\\\'t say enough about this episode--it is just the best of all. My sister loves it so much that they actually named their boat, the \\\"SEArenity Now!\\\". Remember, \\\"Serenity now, insanity later!\\\" Thanks for reading this review.moreless

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    A really funny episode!

    By OeTvGreat, Aug 02, 2006

    Jerry's new girlfriend finds out that she has never seen Jerry getting angry and so she decides to take him on to doing it, unfortunately when he finally manages, he keeps yelling about everything and breaks up with her, causing all of other Jerry's emotions to come off him. Meanwhile, George competes against another for selling computers in his father's new business, and the serenity now that keeps saying everyone in order to feel themselves out of pressure. Elaine becomes the target of all Jewish because she is not, and that even cuases for Jerry to propose to her, while Kramer transforms his apartment into the local American house. What a funny episode!moreless

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