The Shoes

Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Quotes (8)

  • Kramer: I understand women. The snub is good. They love the snub.

  • Jerry: (on men) We're like some kind of weird fish where the eyes operate independently of the head.

  • George: How's this for criticism? Um…you stink. How do you like that criticism?

  • George: Divorce is very difficult, especially on the kids. Of course, I'm the result of my parents having stayed together, so you never know.

  • Elaine: Why are my shoes a topic of conversation?

  • Jerry: Looking at cleavage is like looking at the sun, you don't stare at it. It's too risky! You get a sense of it and then you look away.

  • (George is looking at Russell's daughter and her cleavage) Russell: Get a good look, Costanza?

  • Jerry: You know primavera is Italian for spring. George: No!

Notes (2)

  • In Latin America, this episode aired after "The Outing".

  • Viewer Jeff Holland notes that it took Jerry and George a while to get around to adding a female to their pilot, just like it took Jerry and Larry to do.

Trivia (6)

  • George tells his therapist that he and Jerry pitched "the butler story" to Russel Dalrymple. However, in "The Virgin", they actually pitched it to Rita Kirsen, who was sitting in for Russell while he was in Los Angeles.

  • George tells Jerry and Russel that the kitchen staff at Bouchard's used to use the bouillabaisse for a toilet, and recommends sticking with the consommé. Later, during the closing credits, Elaine when tells George and Jerry that she and Russel will be eating at Bouchard's, George chokes trying to comment. Jerry then remarks that what he thinks George is saying is to have the bouillabaisse, and George nods and gestures in agreement. This is likely a writing goof, as Jerry should have said to get the consommé.

  • If you zoom in on the phone as Gail dials to let Jerry know that Russell has arrived at the restaurant, we see the phone number that she calls is 659-8866 (this is presuming the numbers are in the correct place). So assuming she called Jerry, that would make every instance of his phone number inaccurate.

  • Did you see the chest? Remember it's just a TV show - she's not really 15. Denise Richards (playing Russell's daughter) is actually about 22 at the time.

  • The script that Jerry leafs through, after George threw it to him while ranting to Elaine about how his therapist didn't think it was funny, is blank.

  • When Kramer walks into Jerry's apartment to tell Jerry that he saw Gail Cunningham, he leaves the door open. The shot cuts to Jerry and George on the couch, and then back to a wide shot of the apartment. The door is now closed.

Allusions (1)

  • Elaine has Botticelli shoes, and both George and Mr. Dalrymple eat Pasta Primavera at the restaurant. This is reference to Sandro Botticelli, and his painting "Primavera".