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    When I think Seinfeld, I think Soup Nazi

    By jimbo_001, Apr 26, 2010

    Probably the most known episode by even the smallest Seineld fan, The Soup Nazi is one of my favourites of the series, though I have yet to see them all.

    Many memorable scenes are contained in this episode and the plot keeps turning where it seems the Soup Nazi is actually generous to Elaine but it turns out he wasn't since he didn't know Elaine by name.

    The ending could not have been more perfect with Elaine putting the Soup Nazi out of business and Newman running home to get a big pot since he was giving away the last of his soup.

    No matter who is watching this episode they are guaranteed to be laughing and it is among the classics of the Seinfeld saga.moreless

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    The best episode ever!!!!!

    By SNLRULES4EVER, Apr 26, 2010

    I never wrote a review before so sorry if this looks wierd when reading it. This kept me laughing for days! no soup for you!!! lol. This is legendary for me. This and the one with Festivus are both classics. Newman was hilarious at the end where he had to run home to get a big pot and also when he smells the bag and says jumbalaya!! (spelling?) I loved the gay guys robbing Kramer! "You should have seen the way they talked to me!" lol. Shmoopie could have been in a different episode though. It was not relative to the story. One of my favorite parts was where Elaine found the recipes from the Soup Nazi and threatened to sell his recipes!!! All in all, if you never seen it, watch it!!!!moreless

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    From Soap to Nuts!

    By GeorgeJobson, Apr 26, 2010

    The best "Seinfeld" episode of all time is The soap Nazi. A soup store being run by a Nazi who throws people out who cross him. Several of Jerry's friends had a bad experience with thye Soup HNazi, but Elaine suffer the worst of the brutal attacks, until she lay her on something that mark the end of the soup Nazi's regin of terror. this is first class well written , well-act epsiode that epiosde that stood the test of time to become my all time favorite episode. "No soap for You!" But fun for everyone. "The Soap Nazi" is turly a classic.moreless

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    The Soup Nazi

    By CTUBauer24, Apr 26, 2010

    The Soup Nazi is one of the best and funniest Seinfeld episodes the Soup Nazi Storyline was great. The George story of him getting drove crazy by Jerry and his girlfriends nicknames for each other are very funny Kramer lets Elaine‚Äôs armoire get stolen the way it was funny the is the best and funniest episode of the 7th season of Seinfeld all of the story where very funny all of the jokes in the episode made me laught and the Soup Nazi himself was very funny my over all rating for this episode is 10 out of 10 that is all THE END./moreless

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    "No Soup For You!"

    By 24roxs, Apr 26, 2010

    The Soup Nazi is a classic Seinfeld episode. A soup vendor opens up who is referred to as "The Soup Nazi When you order from him, you must order in a specific procedure or you won't be served. George made a scene when he didn't get bread and ended up getting no soup. Elaine's cabinet gets stolen under Kramer's watch by street thugs. Kramer gets a cabinet from The Soup Nazi The Soup Nazi's recipes, however, are in the cabinet and when Elaine finds them she takes the Soup Nazi out of business. This episode has everything to laughs and is a famous episode.moreless

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    One thing NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!

    By martooo_m, Apr 26, 2010

    Totally the best Seinfeld episode ever and the most unforgetable from the entire series.It is so funny and exciting that you can watch more than one time,something that can't happen with lots of Seinfeld episodes as they are truly about nothing.But this time Seinfeld gave me the laugh that i expect from it.The Soup Nazi is the most amazing and unforgetable guest star in the history of television and the frase No Soup For You is the funniest one from Seinfeld.The viewers watched this show and tuned in every single week because of the episodes like this.This is a fine example what a comedy series should give its viewers.moreless

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    A soup nazi gives George and Elaine problems; Jerry prefers the soup nazi's soup over his girlfriend.

    By ParkPlace2623, Apr 26, 2010

    This episode is one of the best episodes of Seinfeld yet. It was pure goodness. They fit so must comedy into less than 30 minutes. This is probably my favorite episode. The soup nazi is really hilarious. I especially loved the end where Elaine gets all the soup nazi's recipes and practically runs him out of business. This episode is so perfect. It's another great installment to this perfectly amazing series. Another funny part was when Jerry's girlfriend stands up to the soup nazi and Jerry takes the soup instead of his girlfriend. It was hilarious. This episode was definitely a series classic.moreless

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    The Soup Nazi

    By thefanof, Nov 28, 2009

    Of all the quotable lines and pop culture phrases Seinfeld has churned out "No soup for you!" may be the most popular. This episode is definitely a series classic and one of the few great episodes in the final few seasons, but is it the best episode ever like once had it as?

    I do not think so. Alexandra Wentworth's odd acting and facial expressions definitely put a damper on things and the George storyline felt like something out of an episode of How I Met Your Mother, where the supporting cast disproves of the main star's relationship.

    This episode was also special for introducing the "street toughs" who may be the most underrated guest stars in Seinfeld history.moreless

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    I like soup.

    By cactusjack39, Feb 07, 2009

    The episode was great. It had food, comedy, and entertainment. It was almost like watching a dinner theatre. WIth Kramer being bullied by people, Elaine wanting a chest, Jerry and George fighting over soup and women, you had all the ingredients for a great show. Normally I would wonder how good the soup is, but I thought it was a nice element from the writers. My hunger was higher as I was watching people eat the soup. I didn't have many favorite moments as it was all around solid. I did find the soup denials quite funny. Overall, it was great. Thank you.moreless

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