The Stall

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  • Jerry: (about Tony) George is like a schoolgirl around him.

  • George: It's a different world when you're with a cool guy.

  • George: (trying to be cool with Tony) I am down. I am totally down. Mark me down.

  • Jerry: (reacting to Jane's bad experience in the bathroom) Who does she think she is? How dare she! You want me to get the manager? Too bad they don't have those old ladies walking around with the flashlights anymore… flush her out.

  • Jerry: (eating popcorn) Mmm… I love this artificial flavoring. I like it better than butter. I think it's more consistent.

  • Jerry: (in reference to The Masseuse episode) Ahh, I've been waiting a while for this.

  • Tony: Step off, George!

  • Kramer: (about Tony) Now I think that you're in love with him. George: What? That's ridiculous. Kramer: No, no. I don't think so. You love him. George: You better be careful on those rocks tomorrow, buddy. And you're not getting any sandwiches either!

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Trivia (6)

  • This episode gives us the only look at the bathroom in Monk's Coffee Shop.

  • This is the first episode where we see Jerry using his computer. However, while the computer in the background has been an Apple Macintosh, some viewers have said that they spotted a copy of Windows 95 lurking in the background in future episodes.

  • In this episode, Kramer refers to "Monks" by name. Usually they just say, "the coffee shop".

  • After rock climbing with Tony, George and Kramer show up at Jerry's while Elaine is there. She asks how rock climbig went with Tony. Kramer and George are wearing the same climbing clothes and when they tell Elaine about Tony's fall, she goes running out immediatly to check on his condition. The next scene shows Elaine and Tony (face all bandaged up) on the couch and she asks him over and over if the doctors mentioned anything about "radical reconstructive surgery" and so forth. He claims that he's been out of it for 2 days and doesn't remember what the doctors said. If he's been out of it for 2 days, why are George and Kramer wearing the same rock climbing clothes? Response: If you watch closely Elaine doesn't have the same clothes as the ones she had when George and Kramer told her about the accident, so it is possible that 2 have passed.

  • There is something weird about the sequencing at the beginning of this episode. Elaine is in Jerry's apartment and she says she has to go downtown and that Jerry is going to give her a ride. Kramer is also there when they leave. As Jerry and Elaine are driving he says to her "you can't keep Tony waiting", implying that Elaine is going to meet him right then. In the next scene Tony and George are sitting in the coffee shop and Kramer comes in, and he is wearing the same shirt that he had on at Jerry's leading me to believe it is not long after. If Elaine was going to meet Tony why is he sitting in the coffee shop with George?

  • Kramer comes out of Jerry's bedroom (he's been using Jerry's phone to call the sex line) without a newspaper in his hand but in the next shot Kramer has a newspaper in his hand.