The Stock Tip

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    George makes money

    By sremnes, Apr 19, 2015

    For once George is lucky in stock market and Jerry is not. Jerry also has a nightmare date weekend in Vermount. Great episode.

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  • 9.4

    The Stock Tip

    By CTUBauer24, Apr 17, 2007

    In this episode Jerry and George invest some money in a stock but when it begins to fall Jerry gets out but he weekend with his girlfriend is still ruined with bad weather while George stays in on the stock I thought this episode was very funny and I liked it when Kramer in the episode I thought it was very funny when Jerry is checking and re checking the stock page even looking in different newspaper which I thought that was very funny my ratting for this episode is 9.4 that is what mostly what I have to say about this episode.moreless

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  • 7.8

    Jerry and George decide to go in a stock market together. Jerry quits while he's losing but George decides to stick with it. Meanwhile, Jerry goes on a trip with his girlfriend, which to George is a "relationship killer."

    By KBGUY09, Feb 09, 2006

    This episode marked some more points in "Seinfeld's Shows." This episode shows that even the "loser" character (George) can sometimes have something good happen to them. That shows that you really never know what WILL happen on this show... Will the next episode have a positive solution, negative solution, or not solved at all? With this episode alone, i think it was good because it focused more on a relationship with one of the main characters and a woman. So far in this show, 1 episode's main plot was between Jerry and a woman. This episode also included everybody in the series: Jerry, George, Kramer, AND Elaine. "The Stock Tip" was a good episode and entertaining to watch, but not the absoulete best.moreless

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  • 7.5

    The Stock Tip sets up character development on all fronts... the shallowness of Jerry, George, and Elaine, and the quirkiness of Kramer.

    By LisaGansky, Aug 03, 2005

    I liked The Stock Tip a lot. It's funny seeing how obsessive Jerry and George get over their stock. Although it's somewhat unrealistic, how fast it goes up and down, it still makes for lots of laughs. I like how Jerry totally screws things up with Vanessa too (Gawd, she was way too good for him!). Even after getting out of the bad stock, Jerry is still obsessed. It's funny how things end up working out for George, rather than Jerry. I feel that if this episode happened later, George would have been the anxious one that sells early. Actually, he probably would have been too cheap/stingy to even go in on the stock to begin with! The bit with Kramer and his ties was just plain weird. Still, I did enjoy it.moreless

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