The Suicide

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Quotes (24)

  • Kramer: The carpet sweeper is the biggest scam perpetrated on the American public since one-hour martinizing.

  • Jerry: Let me ask you a question. If you named a kid Rasputin do you think that would have a negative effect on his life? Elaine: Nah.

  • George: So how was it? Kramer: George, I would like to thank you for the greatest four days I ever spent in my life. They were shooting the Sports Illustrated swim suit issue right in the hotel pool. Jerry: Whoa. (hits George) Kramer: Not only that but at the hotel they opened up this area on the beach for nude bathing and all of the Sports Illustrated models went down there. Jerry: Wow! (hits George) Kramer: I was on the next blanket from Elle McPherson Jerry: Oh! hits George) Kramer: We played Backgammon in the nude. Jerry: Oh! (hits George) Kramer: She's a sweet kid. Jerry: Nude backgammon with swimsuit models! (hits George) Kramer: Oh, you know what? The second day I was there I stepped on a jellyfish. Now it kind of stung my foot. That's probably what Rula was trying to warn you about. George: Yeah, you gotta watch for the jellyfish.

  • Elaine: And there it was, mountains of duck. And not fatty duck either, but juicy tender breasts of duck.

  • Elaine: How do we know that dog food is any good? Who tastes it? Jerry: She's really hungry.

  • Gina: Come, you walk me to a cab. Jerry: Well, uh, I uh, I don't want you to get upset or anything but uh, with Martin and all, well maybe it's not such a good idea for us to be seen together in the building, because, you know, he had a lot of friends here. Gina: You're still afraid. You are not a man. Jerry: Well then what are all those ties and sport jackets doing in my closet?

  • Gina: I do not like your toothbrush. There are no bristles. Jerry: You can say what you want about me but I'll be damned if I'm going to stand here while you insult my toothbrush.

  • Elaine: It’s really bad for the fetus. Do you know that. George: Elaine, she’s a psychic. She knows how the kid’s going to be.

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Notes (4)

  • This episode marks the first time we see Jerry kiss a woman on screen.

  • This episode marks the first on-screen appearance of Newman, as played by Wayne Knight.

  • Two versions of this episode were made: the Original Network version and the Revised Syndicated version. Both versions are included on the Season 3 DVD.

  • According to viewer Ben Houghton, Jason Alexander's mother makes a cameo in this episode sitting on a bench next to Elaine.

Trivia (8)

  • When Jerry slams the door of his apartment after leaving the garbage in front of Kramer's door, you see the wall shake indicating that it's not a real apartment.

  • Jerry said that George's parents are bald. Later, they will be played by Estelle Harris & Jerry Stiller, who aren't bald.

  • This is the latter of two episodes where George Costanza mentions having a brother. He is never seen and never mentioned again.

  • While Kramer is in Martin's room, in order to get his vacuum back, he tells him, 'My mother's coming to visit me, she sees that rug, she's going to kill me!' But Kramer says in "The Switch," 'I haven't talked to my mother in five years.'

  • At one point, Gina tells Jerry, "I do not like your toothbrush," as though she had just tried it out. The equanimity with which he takes this seems odd, given the disgust he shows in "The Doodle" at the idea of sharing a toothbrush with his girlfriend.

  • Yes, Newman did eat peaches in "The Doodle". Everybody should remember that. Kramer couldn't taste the peaches and was all excited when he regained his taste, so he hurries off to get a peach before their season ends (which is only 2 weeks out of the whole year). However, Newman eats the last one.

  • Just a remark about the last nitpick, incontinent means that you have an uncontrolled obsession, so when Newman is obsessed w/ the peaches in a later episode, he is still clearly incontinent. So they stuck w/ the theme rather well there. (markleyjr) [ Editor's note: I don't know where you got the obsession part of the definition from. Uncontrolled certainly, obsessed no. In this case the definition of incontinent applies here "Lacking normal voluntary control of excretory functions." I don't recall if Newman at the peaches in "The Doodle", but if he did, then they forgot this fact about Newman. ]

  • More of a nitpick, but Newman's very first line (where we first meet him on camera) has him saying to Kramer (as they come out of Kramer's apartment), "I can't eat fruit; fruit makes me incontinent." Further down the line in the series; however, a key plot line involves Newman's obsession with a certain kind of peach...clearly, his incontinency problem cleared up at some point.

Allusions (2)

  • Jerry: Hey, let me ask you something. How long do you have to wait for a guy to come out of a coma before you can ask his ex-girlfriend out? Kramer: What, Gina? Why wait? Why not just call Doctor Kevorkian? Dr. Jack Kevorkian was a former pathologist who famously stood up for patients' right to die via euthanasia. Kevorkian claims that he assisted in at least 130 suicides, and he spent 8 years in prison after being convicted for murder.

  • Jerry: That's not too bad. It's not like a Sunny von Bulow coma. The doctor said he should snap out of it any time. Sunny von Bulow was an American socialite/heiress who spent 28 years in a coma. Her husband was accused of injecting her with insulin, but was acquitted after experts determined that her coma was the result of a prescription drug overdose. She died in 2008.