The Tape

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Quotes (10)

  • Jerry: (to George in a cowboy hat) Sheriff?

  • Jerry: Elaine, have you ever gone out with a bald man? Elaine: No. Jerry: You know what that makes you, a baldist.

  • Kramer: Spector gave it to me. He's giving everything away... becoming a minimalist.
    George: Is that the guy who likes fat women?
    Jerry: Doesn't the fat fetish conflict with the minimalism?

  • George: This is like a Penthouse letter. Why can't I meet women like this?

  • George: She had this throaty, sexy kind of whisper. Elaine: Really , like a... like a... (sexy whisper) Jerry, I want to ssslide my tongue around you like a sssnake... Oh... Oh!

  • Kramer: How often do you cut your toe-nails?

  • Jerry: The big toe, the captain!
    Kramer: What?
    Jerry: The captain of the toes!

  • George: Ask them, are there any side effects.
    Ping: (joking) Impotence.

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Notes (1)

  • This episode received two Emmy nominations in 1992 for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Writing in a Comedy Series and for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Directing in a Comedy Series. This episode was nominated for the 1992 DGA Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Comedy Series.

Trivia (4)

  • George pulls out his wallet to extract a piece of paper with the phone number on it as he sits down to make the call to China. He has a normal thickness wallet here, instead of the bulging file cabinet of a wallet he carries in the episode "The Reverse Peephole."

  • After everyone yells at Kramer for watching the "before footage" on Jerry's VCR, he says, "All right, I'm gonna go take a look at this." and leaves. However, he leaves without removing the tape from the VCR, thus having nothing to "take a look at."

  • When Kramer returns to look at George's head the second time, before he leaves he says "Ok I'm guna go take a look at this". He had no reason to say that because he hadn't recorded anything new to look at.

  • In Kramer's "before" shot of George's head, it looks like his head is shaved in the middle rather than being naturally bald. This is easier to see when they look at the tape on the TV in color for comparison than when Kramer is actually making the video.

Allusions (1)

  • "Let's go to the video tape!": Catchphrase of sportscaster Warner Wolf.