The Trip (2)

Season 4, Ep 2, Aired 8/19/92
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  • Episode Description
  • Jerry and George try to contact the police to tell them Kramer is innocent. Kramer still doesn't know he's wanted. Jerry and George get a ride in a police car and en route the officers pick up a possible 519. While the suspect is in the back of the car with George and Jerry, they ask him for tipping advice. When all units are called to Kramer's building, Jerry and George leave the police car door open and the 519 suspect escapes. While Kramer is in for questioning, another victim is found. Kramer is released and Jerry and George ask him his plans. He is going to stay in LA. Jerry and George are back in New York and Kramer walks in as if nothing has changed. When Kramer leaves, Jerry tosses him his keys, restoring his key privileges.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Michael Richards (I)

    Cosmo Kramer

  • Jerry Seinfeld


  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus

    Elaine Marie Benes (not in pilot)

  • Jason Alexander

    George Louis Costanza

  • Larry Charles

  • Fan Reviews (5)
  • Jerry and George reconnect with Kramer.

    By thefanof, May 15, 2008

  • How could anyone forget this episode?

    By maccer101, Feb 26, 2006

  • Seinfeld suffers with a far fetched storyline and the notable absense of Elaine.

    By MarcusAKAFatima, Jan 01, 2007

  • The lack of Elaine, part two.

    By Canogaparkcindy, Apr 08, 2009

  • This is a fairly silly episode but a classic at the same time

    By shaneypoo_88, Apr 04, 2007

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (10)

    • George: I can’t ask them for change. They always make a face. It’s like I’m asking them to donate a kidney.

    • George: We're friends of a serial killer. Criminal: Oh, that's nice. Jerry: Suspected serial killer, he didn't actually do it. George: We're pretty sure he didn't do it.

    • Kramer: How'd you know about the guy in the park?

    • Jerry: He says ask somebody, ask that guy right there. George: Excuse me, where are we? Man: Earth. Jerry: You know I'm on the phone with the police, some guy just gave me a wise answer.

    • George: A pay phone in L.A. Look, it's a miracle.

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    Notes (3)

    • The reason why Elaine was in Europe is because of Julia's off-screen pregnancy with her first child, and eventual maternity leave afterwards.

    • Viewer Jeff Holland notes that the hotel the Kramer stays in, is the same one that Julia Roberts stays at in "Pretty Woman".

    • The remaining episodes in this season have a loose, but interconnecting thread, and should be viewed in order. Of course when syndicated the episodes are shown in anything but a logical order. Marty Rackham will reappear as Elaine's exclamation point avoiding boyfriend, Jake Jarmel, in "The Sniffing Accountant". He will return as Jake in two more episodes.

    Trivia (8)

    • In the prison scene Kramer says he met Fred Savage "today" and also mentions that he'll be released in a "couple of hours", "by noon." Since this sets the scene at approximately 10 am, it's impossible for Kramer to have met Fred Savage on the very same day because their encounter was before Chelsea's murder and since she was killed the police couldn't have possibly discovered the body, started the investigation, found a suspect, launched a warrant and made the arrest all on the same morning.

    • The car thief in this episode (Clint Howard) is actually Ron Howard's brother. Their father Rance Howard also makes two appearances in the series, in the episodes "The Glasses" and "The Bottle Deposit (2)."

    • If you look carefully at the crowd gathered outside of Kramer's LA apartment when the police come to arrest him, you will see Larry David on the far right edge of the screen.

    • As mentioned above, the payphone they use is indeed located on Ventura Place, not Ventura Blvd. The payphone is located only about half a block from the bicycle shop where they make the arrest, and in fact you can see that store's building in the background during the payphone scene. Ventura Place is a short block-long side street just outside the CBS Studio where they filmed Seinfeld in Studio City, CA. Ventura Blvd is just over on the next block but they probably did not want to film any scenes there since it is a very busy street that is the main west-east corridor in southern San Fernando Valley (mentioned in the Tom Petty song "Free Fallin"...move west down ventura boulevard).

    • With regard to the gauge, which defines the thickness of the gun barrel, an eleven-gauge would be thicker, but it would not necessarily be a larger gun.

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