The Understudy

Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Quotes (7)

  • Kramer: You know, maybe in Korean 'dog' isn't an insult. Could be like the word 'fox' to us. Oh, she's a DOG!

  • Kramer: It's macaroni Midler!

  • Kramer: Oh, understudies are a very shifty bunch. The substitute teachers of the theater world.

  • George: When you're talking about a movie like "Beaches," moving from the chair to the couch…that's quite a voyage.

  • Bette: If I don't get a Black and White cookie I'm not going to be very pleasant to be around. Kramer: Now that's impossible.

  • Jerry: (to the understudy) So you don't cry when your grandmother dies? But a hot-dog makes you lose control?

  • Jerry: Just once I would like to tell someone they stink. You know what? I didn't like the show. I didn't like you. It just really stunk. The whole thing real bad. Stinkaroo. Thanks for the tickets though.

Notes (5)

  • Bette Midler was credited as a "Special Apperance".

  • First appearence of the character J. Peterman.

  • Elaine says "...they're the BEST, Jerry, the BEST" - just like Kenny Bania always says.

  • Frank uses his move "stopping short" w/ his former Korean girlfriend. This is the same move Kramer uses on Frank's wife Estelle in "The Fusilli Jerry". Kramer also made a "Macaroni Midler" which is another reference to that episode.

  • According to Kenny Kramer, Jack Luceno is Michael Richard's double when shooting is done in NYC.

Trivia (7)

  • The actual J. Peterman Catalogue is based in Lexington, Kentucky and not New York City.

  • Goof: During the softball game, George knocks over Bette Midler, trying to score a run. The umpire yells "Safe!" but if you look closely, George never touches home plate.

  • Kramer doesn't ask for the cookie because the guy on the other line heard Bette ask for it. She's a singer...she projects her voice.

  • Bette sings a song in the hospital to Kramer that includes the line, "Rochelle, Rochelle." However, at the end of the episode, the announcer says that the part of Rochelle will be played by Genisse -- meaning that it was originally Bette's role. Why would the character of Rochelle sing a song that refers to herself in the third person?

  • How the hell could the costume department of a big Broadway production forget to tie up the star's shoes in Rochelle Rochelle? And the shoes didn't JUST come undone, the tongues were wide open!...ER

  • Both Jerry and George are seen playing baseball with their rights hands, even though they're left handed.

  • When the K-man is holding Bette in his arms on the baseball field, he sings to Bette Midler "you are the wind beneath my wings" - his voice is clearly dubbed over. Maybe it didn't come out well in the original scene.

Allusions (2)

  • Jerry: So, your Grandmother dies, and you don't cry, but a hotdog makes you lose control. The line 'A hot dog makes her lose control' is from the theme song of The Patty Duke Show.

  • This episode was a parody of the 1994 ice skating incident, when Nancy Kerrigan did to Tanya Harding what George did to Bette Midler.