The Wife

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Quotes (17)

  • Jerry: I guess I just wasn't ready for the responsibilities of a pretend-marriage.

  • George: A guy leaves a puddle of sweat, that's a signal? Elaine: Yeah, it's a social thing.

  • Elaine: Why couldn't you just wait? George: I was there. I saw a drain. Elaine: Since when is a drain a toilet?

  • Kramer: Hey Elaine, what do you say, if neither of us is married in ten years, we get hitched? Elaine: Make it fifty. Kramer: We're engaged!

  • Jerry: I'm really enjoying this marriage thing. You think about each other, you care about each other. It's wonderful. Plus, I love saying 'my wife'. Once I started saying it, I couldn't stop. 'My wife' this, 'My wife' that. It's an amazing way to begin a sentence.

  • Jerry: He should just go, "Your honor, (puts on flap cap) the defense rests."

  • Marty: (to Meryl) Sure, you get the discount, too. Jerry: You might regret that, because the money my wife spends on clothes… Meryl: I'm taking him to the cleaners! Jerry: Ah - see the sense of humor? C'mere, I'm so nuts about you… (hugs Meryl) I tell ya, it was fun being single, but when you meet a woman like this, you don't walk to get married - you run!

  • Jerry: Hey, is that my maple syrup? Kramer hands it over. Meryl: You bring your own syrup? Kramer: Got to. Jerry: (to Meryl) You got a lot to learn about pancakes.

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Notes (2)

  • For the syndicated repeats, this episode kept Jerry's opening stand-up routine intact.

  • On the night this episode originally aired, Jason Alexander was a guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. A promo appeared during the second commercial break.

Trivia (6)

  • Goof: If Kramer wore goggles on the tanning bed there should be a clear tan line around his eyes but there isn't.

  • Goof: When Meryl and Jerry are fighting there is a partial six pack of Henry Weinhard beer on the counter. This is a West Coast beer (brewed in Oregon) which you can't purchase in New York.

  • Jerry is talking to his parents telling them he's not married, when he hangs up the phone he accidentily presses redial, you can hear it, then he looks down and presses the correct button to hang up the phone.

  • When Meryl picks up and pays for her dry cleaning, the bill comes to $17.80, she hands the dry cleaner a bill and he digs into his pocket for the change...why not use the cash register that is sitting right in front of him ?

  • When George talks about his activities in the shower, Kramer comments that he takes baths. Whereas in "The Shower Head," where Kramer and Newman buy black market shower heads due to low water pressure, Kramer comments in disgust that he had to take a bath, bathing in his own bacteria.

  • Viewer Liz Pollack notes that when Jerry is bickering with Meryl about the can opener every time they switch the shot the bottle that is on the counter switches sides of the six pack case.

Allusions (1)

  • Jerry: (To Meryl at their final parting.) We'll always have pancakes. This alludes to the 1942 film Casablanca in which Rick (Humphrey Bogart) in parting says to Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman), "We'll always have Paris".