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    One of the ONLY good show for younger audiences out there!

    By leviwellsy, Apr 02, 2014

    Seriously, this isn't one of THOSE shows, with the annoying songs, repetition, and pretty much breaks the fourth wall. This show is actually SAFE for your kids to watch. I grew up with this show and I still watch it in some occasions.

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    By anastasia1243, Feb 08, 2014

    Various ep (09)

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    This is a real kids show. No constant fourth wall breaking or stupid songs or dancing.

    By Oldnickolodeon34, Nov 29, 2013

    I don't care what anyone says Sesame Street is a classic that both kids and adults can enjoy. No wonder its been around for along time. Thank god it's still on! Most baby shows today are annoying and break the 4th wall too much, but this is the only surviving one that doesn't do so. With all words go check out Sesame Street, it's more education than that rubbish known as Barney.

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    My revised review

    By HotWheelsdude, Sep 22, 2013

    I was a too little harsh on my last review. So this time this is my true opinion. I think this is a great, well-educated, and a nostalgic show. However today's version of the show is not that good. I just don't like the idea to keep adding more characters, and changing things like in the old show. The old version (1969-2003) is nearly flawless. Another huge flaw I have is Grover. The flaw is that he's sometimes stupid. Don't get me wrong, it's supposed to be funny. but for me it's stupid. This show's is like the kids version of the Muppets. This show is a must-watch show for everybody. However, I recommend starting the old version, before going on to the new one. 86/100moreless

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    Best show on TV

    By OlgaG, Feb 11, 2013

    This is the best show for kids on TV among all channels. Educational, related to real life, teaches good manners and friendship, shows how to be honest, sincere and open without being embarrassed, how to ask adults (why it is good!) if you are a kid. I love this show. It is absolutely the best.

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    A Real Classic for Children

    By T_VFan, Apr 30, 2012

    Who knew the Big Bird would be such a big hit?! Or the diva Ms. Piggy?! Well, they were amazing characters to me as a kid and even now... let the Sesame Street teach your kids a thing or to on how to be funny, and have fun with all types of "animals". Yup, they don't make shows like this anymore... and I wish they really did.

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    A amazing show for both children and adults can enjoy.

    By Queshin, Feb 12, 2012

    This show is an example of how shows for toddlers should be. I think that this show is so much better than Dora the Explorer, for one thing this show actually teaches kids stuff and the songs are clever and catchy. It's good to see that the Dora virus has not touched this show because many shows for toddlers have been infected. But this show has a lot of memorable moments too. Personal I will never for get Put Down the Duckie. Anyways this show is very good for toddlers. So turn off that Dora and turn on Sesame Street for your toddlers!!!moreless

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    Longest running children's television program for a good reason.

    By ILike2WatchTV, Oct 06, 2011

    Sesame Street, is, in a word, sensational. The show itself has been educating two generations since 1969, and has inspired multiple movies, spin-offs and parodies. As a child, I watched Sesame Street and I never lost my attention span. I was attracted to the show for it's humor, intersting situations, and the fun characters that make up Sesame Street.

    The characters have switched and changed throughout the thirty-seven seasons of Sesame Street. Some departed, such as muppet Roosevelt Franklin, and some have newly arrived, like fairy Abby Cadabby. The muppets are iconic, and have appeared in numerous medias. The most iconic, it seems, is Elmo, the furry red monster who talks in third person. I am a bit irked that the show has devoted the last quarter to present the world of Elmo speaking of himself as "Elmo," possibly being a negative influence on a child viewer's grammar. However, the character of Elmo has brought so much popularity that it seems as if Sesame Street thanked him by giving him alone time at the end. Fortunately, the rest of the characters talk properly and the young viewers should turn out fine.

    Another thing I praise Sesame Street for is it's parodies of popular culture, as well as it's special guest appearances. I recall not understanding a thing when a Law and Order skit appeared on Sesame Street, but my parents were watching with a grin swept across their face. I appreciate the show for bringing references to keep older viewers interested, as well as celebrity guests that only older viewers should be aware of.

    Most of all, I beleive Sesame Street succeeds in teaching young children not to discriminate against other races. While the human members of Sesame Street are racially diverse, all of the muppets and monsters are of different colors too. The differences pave the way for discussions with parents later about people being different, and I praise Sesame Street for bringing up such a conversation without making it a huge topic of an episode.

    All in all, Sesame Street is a children's television show that changed children's television as we know it. Hopefully, and most likely, Sesame Street wil make many more seasons that will reach get another generation.moreless

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    This was once a great educational show. Now,it has lost it's goodness

    By Woahwoah312, Oct 06, 2011

    When you were a child,you had to admit you watched Sesame Street. This is basically THE educational show. SS teaches kids good moral values like manners,sharing,numbers,letters and vocabulary words. And all of the characters were quite enjoyable like Oscar,Big Bird,Cookie Monster,and you guessed it,Elmo. However,I hate what has happened to it nowadays. First off,all of the good sketches are gone. I mean,the Cookie Monster sketches,Count Von Count's sketch and Where's Ernie? are all gone. In fact,almost all of the sketches are just horrible. Abby's Flying Fairy School is just a disgrace to Sesame Street,and the show is done in CGI. Are you kidding me? What was wrong with the old Puppet formation? Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures is pretty good,but Bert is not such a jerk anymore,and it's done in clay-mation. Like I said,puppet mation is better. Murray Had A Little Lamb is stupid,but at least it's done in puppet mation. Elmo's World is the best sketch around still. Nothing has changed,and it's still the same as last time. Then,there are the two new Muppets:Abby and Murray. Abby is the true killer of the show. She is the female version of Poof. Like I said,Abby Flying Fairy School is horrible,and she isn't even a true Muppet. Murrary is OK,but at the beginning of the show,he is the one responsible for telling the number and letter of the day. Hey Murrary,that's not your job,that's Count Von Count and Cookie Monster's. Also,he always tells what sketch is coming up next now. When was this needed? We knew what sketch was coming up,so why was this thought of. And why is Zoey wearing a Ballerena costume now a days? Were the creators bothered that she wore no clothes? The human characters are OK,and at least two characters from the past are still in here. Chris is the only good modern human character of the show. The only reason to watch this show are the spoofs. I mean,this show does a good job of spoofing shows and movies. Some of them include Dancing With the Stars,True Blood,Deal or No Deal and many more. This show also has lots of guest stars like Ricky Gervais,Ryan Reynolds,Jim Parsons and many more. However,Seasme Street was once a good show,now it's like Saturday Night Live. Please,just watch the original episodes.moreless

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