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    This deserves to be number one episode.

    By MechaEd-52, Jan 14, 2008

    This was so sad when I watched this.But this tought kids a lesson,that everybody dies.And I want them to be proud of this episode because it was the greatest informative Sesame Street episode of all time.

    Plot:Mr Hooper dies and the people of Sesame Street try to explain to Big Bird the concept of death.

    It sound sad but it's very informative.

    I don't care if you don't like Sesame Street or make in fun of people who watch it,this was the greatest episode of Sesame Street ever.That's why this episode gets 10/10.

    Sesame Street,you have to live on because of this episode.

    You'll never be the same after watching the perfectly made and greatly crafted episode.moreless

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