Sex, Love & Secrets

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    the name change.

    By Hulkamaniac14, Mar 03, 2007

    If the name wasn't changed i would bet you so much money that this show would not have been cancelled. it was practically unknown when "lies" was changed to "love", and just a few short weeks before it even premiered. the name actualy seemed longer, longer to say, and wrong when i first saw the name change.

    (p.s. i didn't give it a rating because i was never able to watch it, because of the name change, i was mad about it, and i decided to watch "Commander-in-chief", and "House" anyways, long before i heard about "Sex, Lies, & Secrets")moreless

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    That was the best show I ever watched. This primetime soap opera is about a group of twenty-somethings living in L.A.'s suburban community of Silver Lake. I call it "Melrose Place" of the new millennium.

    By RaineRP, Aug 25, 2006

    I was a fan of the show since it began and was cancelled after four episodes. Denise Richards was great as Jolene Butler, a publicist and a vixen. Her character reminds me of Heather Locklear's Amanda Woodward, a vixen on "Melrose Place". They both steal other women's boyfriends from them. Jolene tries to steal Hank from Rose, just like Amanda is trying to steal Billy from Alison. I was going to start a petition to save the show. One of my favorite guilty pleasures of the show. They almost had a catfight between the characters on the show.moreless

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    Quirky but good

    By lapetite66, Oct 26, 2005

    Love the show. Think it\'s different but intersting enought to keep you coming back. I really like the offbeat characters and the lives they lead. Just when you think something will happen one way it doesn\'t. That\'s what I like; unpredicatable scripts. Unfortunately, though I love the show I don\'t think it will last because that always seems to be the case. The good shows get canceled, meanwhile the crappy shows just keep on ticking.


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    I hope that this show will prove itself to be a Melrose Place. I grew up watching that show when I was younger, at the time I was like 5 when it began. Please let this be the show every Melrose fan's been waiting for. UPN Good Luck To You.

    By ilivehere, Oct 07, 2005

    If it is true that some rumors say that this show will continue where Melrose did, than I hope that it does a good job. UPN you already have a great comedy(Everybody Hates Chris), don't screw this one up. Let's pary Melrose PLace fans. I hope that it doesn't cancelled even if it isn't as good or due to the ratings. The show might develop into something like Melrose Place did some 10 years ago. I know that if does turn out to be good the show might just earn the right amount of fans so it won't get cancelled.moreless

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    I think I am going to love watching this one.

    By easystreetz, Oct 05, 2005

    I actually started watching because I followed sexy Eric Balfour because I loved him in "Six Feet Under" (not necessarily the part he played . . . just something about him.

    I am glad that I did , I think that I've made a really good decision to follow him because I love completely love the show. I too hope that this does not get cancelled because of poor ratings. I hardly watch UPN - - I used to come only for Veronica Mars but I have now found a new reason to journey to UPN. Again and again .moreless

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