Shaman King (Edited)

FOX (ended 2005)
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  • Episode Guide
  • S 2 : Ep 42

    The Shape of Love

    Aired 10/1/02

  • S 2 : Ep 41

    The Form That Friendship Takes Fight

    Aired 7/10/02

  • S 2 : Ep 40

    The Documents of the Shaman Fight

    Aired 1/2/02

  • S 2 : Ep 39

    Long Live the King

    Aired 9/3/05

  • S 2 : Ep 38

    The King Is Dead

    Aired 8/27/05

  • Cast & Crew
  • Yui Horie

    Iron Maiden Jeanne

  • Eric Stuart


  • Dan Green

    Lee Pai Long / Silva

  • Rachael Lillis


  • Veronica Taylor

    Tamra "Tammy"

  • show Description
  • It is the end of the twentieth century. Yoh Asakura is a Shaman. He is on a training course, hoping to strengthen his abilities. His ultimate goal: to participate in the Shaman King Fight, an event which occurs once every five-hundred years. Shamans from all over the world compete in this massive tournament for one goal, to gain possession of the omnipotent spirit, The Great Spirit. Together with his ate and best friend Mortimer Oyamada, his samurai spirit Amidamaru, fiancee Anna Kyoyama and other friends and rivals such as Len Tao from China and Trey Racer from the North and many more, they will work towards the ultimate goal of becoming the all-powerful Shaman King. But he will discover the dark truth behind Zeke.moreless

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  • Quotes (143)

    • Morty: (Tied to a tree) Why'd you have to tie me up? Yoh: I was tired. Morty: Tired of what!? Yoh: Sitting on you.

    • (Just When Rio Shows Up) Morty: Yoh, do something. Yoh: Hi. Morty: What are you doing!?

    • Morty: Hey the lights still red! Len : Maybe for you it is.

    • Len: Very soon I will rule over all of you!

    • Yoh: When I become King... I'm gonna make myself a rock star!

    • Morty: Excuse me but Yoh really needs his rest. Anna: So does your mouth shorty. Morty: It's MORTY.

    • Anna: I am his wife! Amidamaru: Your his what.. Morty and Amidamaru: What!! Did you say that your his wife?! Anna: Or at least I will be sooner or later

    • (Referring to Yoh) Morty: If sleep was an Olympic event, he'd win a Gold Medal!

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    Notes (260)

    • Opening theme song: Over Soul by Megumi Hayashibara

    • This episode was given its Japanese title when it aired as a sneak peek.

    • Aired as a sneak peek before the official premiere of the series, at 11:00 AM Eastern.

    • The Japanese title for this episode was, "The Boy Who Dances With Ghosts".

    • Rio's Japanese name is Ryu.

    • Morty's last name, Oyamada was changed to Oyamata.

    • Spirit Debut: Amidamaru

    • Shaman Debut: Yoh Asakura

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    Trivia (30)

    • Rio's original name was Botuto no Ryu which translates as Ryu of the wooden sword or more accurately Dragon of the wooden sword.

    • Morty's original name was Manta.

    • We actually see Anna tying her bandanna around her head in one scene. This kind of knot is physically impossible to tie in the way she ties it.

    • Jun is a Dao-shi, or Dao/Taoist spellcaster. In the manga, she also refers to herself as a 'corpse herder'.

    • Talismans wiped blank. They're supposed to have chinese writing on them, written in red ink.

    • At one part in this episode Anna checks the washroom,there's a white piece of paper taped on the wall,in the japanese version there were letters on it,in the dubbed version it got whited blank

    • Apparently, they made a mistake of the levels of skill because Trey was already able to use the oversoul (Corey into the snowboard) and wasn't very exhausted, but in Yoh defeats him in the end.

    • Eliza's skeleton's bullethole was filled in throughout the American version.

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    Allusions (13)

    • When Lee Pailong is fighting both Yoh and Lenny towards the end, he becomes a dragon and Morty says "exit Lee Pailong and Enter the Dragon" which seems to be a reference to Bruce Lee's movie Enter the dragon and the general character of Lee Pailong is also loosely based on Bruce Lee.

    • zeek has the same name as a zoid from zoids

    • Mortal Kombat: Scorpion The way Lyserg uses his pendulum is similar to the way Scorpion from Mortal Kombat used his serpent (which he launched from his hand).

    • Magneto Just like Zeke wanted to kill all humans and let only Shaman, with superior powers, live, so did Magneto, the arch-nemesis of the X-Men, only with mutants instead of Shaman.

    • Episode Title: Family Feud
      Family Feud is a hit game show on telivision.

    • Rio: I always used to dream of genie! A reference to the classic TV show "I dream of Jeanie".

    • Ronnie's Guardian Ghost is called White Serpent, a reference to the rock band "White Snake".

    • One of Team Doom's members is called Ozzy, in reference to Ozzy Osbourne.

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  • Fan Reviews (78)
  • Eh, not too bad. Lyserg, boy with anger and a past, joins the guys.

    By Crimsonated, Feb 07, 2009

  • This was my first japenese anime and was really entertaining!

    By kambal12345, Jun 19, 2008

  • Just like Naruto But also good fir Kids!

    By Sony-tha-champ0, May 02, 2008

  • A roller coaster ride that most of the time goes down instead of up.

    By ZaleIsBackAgain, Jun 17, 2006

  • Shaman King

    By avataraang4, Mar 15, 2008