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    Racist and Disrespectful Sexual References Minimizing the Terror of Chattel Slavery

    By jaijai0044, Feb 05, 2016

    'Shameless' makes disgusting sexual references that minimize the anguish, including the countless rapes that Black people suffered during hundreds of years of chattel slavery. Yet, most people don't even mention, let alone consider the level of disrespect (or possibly, simple indifference) that the writer would have to possess for Blacks slaves, and their horrific experiences. Even though the writer has little respect for boundaries, some things should simply be off limits; and reducing the pain and suffering that a population of people (men, women, and children) have actually experienced during centuries of slavery is one of those things. If the writer had minimized and glorified what Jewish people experienced during the decade plus long holocaust (which would also be disgusting), there'd be more of a backlash. However, we all know the writer would never get away with something like that (any Jewish reference would be very minor and significantly less insulting). The fact that the writer is comfortable turning such an evil and painful part of American history (hundreds of years of slavery) into insignificant perverted sexual "fantasies" is beyond reprehensible.moreless

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    Shameless Addicts

    By sharshar25, Mar 09, 2015

    Shameless is right up there with Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy! The whole family has a huge girl crush on Emmy Rossum. Wasn't quite sure about Mickey's character to begin with, but has one all of us over, he's just soo loveable. However when is someone going to put us out of our misery and get rid of Sammy!!!!!!

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    Can't talk - Bingeing on Shameless

    By drifter63, Feb 07, 2015

    Great show, yeah, it is over the top with some of the truly shameless things going on, but what a ride.

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    SHAMLESS is speachless

    By NwaiirMSA, Aug 13, 2014

    this show is amazing weirdest family ever yet they're awesome

    i love ian and mickey they are so cute together :'(

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    By verdictproductions, Jul 25, 2014

    This show is unbelievably amazing... season 4 was so incredibly heart-wrenching with Frank and Fiona's characters. The part where Kev and a couple other bar-dudes come over to Sheila's house and brought the "Alibi" Bar to Frank because he was too ill to leave the house... that part where Kev pours him a non-alcoholic beer and Frank starts laughing and crying... that part was one of the most emotional experiences I've had with a TV show... just beautiful.

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    MY life....

    By pandora_tonks, May 20, 2014

    Feels like its on hold since that last episode...

    Ian and Mickey are finally together!!!!!! YAAAAYY!!! But now sadly Ian is possibly bipolar. I can not believe they would leave us hanging with that! Carl soul mate is gone. On top of everything Jimmy/Steve/Jack is back!! I cant wait for next season!

    Mickey finally fighting for Ian and taking care of him. Lip possibly getting back with or at least helping Mandy while hes finally living the good life. Jimmy/Steve/Jack and whatever shit storm he brings with him this time. Franks back to his old tricks. Carl will be dealing with his broken heart. Debbie is still obsessed with that older guy. Liam growing up with his possible brain damage. I just cant wait to see what the Gallaghers have in store.moreless

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    How the hell am i gonna last 8 months without this show!

    By Akis89, May 12, 2014

    Biggest cliffhanger ever! I knew jimmysteve would be back! OMG. Cant wait for franks next drunk rant!! alot going on this season. Sad not to see the summervacation stuff. Iceweedtruck. LOL

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    Love it !

    By carinawchrist, Apr 10, 2014

    This is like watching Family Guy with real people. They are ruthless, funny and totaly shameless and yet they stick together ! Love the Characters too...

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    By jacobblacknandi, Apr 08, 2014

    Need i say more? :)

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    By rdrxscm, Jan 25, 2014

    Just started to watch this bc of a friend's recommendation and at first I thought of it as another drama series which I'm not really in the mood for but after watching the pilot episode, I'm hooked!

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