My Butt is a Dodgeball Magnet

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Notes (6)

  • Shaq has the kids ride to the game in a huge limo.

  • Walter is no longer in the lead for most weight lost, but he did lose a least 20 pounds, along with everyone else.

  • When everyone is disapointed in James for not losing the twenty pounds, he says that their yelling won't help, meaning that he probably prefers positive remarks to help him.

  • When the kids were asked what their favorite part of the game was, Kevon answered" Meeting the dancers!".

  • James finally did lose the twenty pounds, but at first the instructors say he actually gained 5 pounds, as a joke.

  • James thought about quitting the program, but decided not to. He also barely managed to see the Miami Heat's game with his friends because he just reached the 20 pound loss average.