Time for a Change

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  • Chris lost so much weight because his Mom helped him through.

  • Walter, now with more confidence, shows off his new muscles!!!

  • Walter's mom finally makes an appearance.

  • Kevon and Chris finished the mile first, and Kit last, but thats because she had to stop for awhile, to rest.

  • Chris rips up an old picture of himself very overweight, as to show he has a brand new future a head of him.

  • Kevon now works out with his dad, instead of watching tv.

  • Now that Chris is much thinner, he is better at baseball.

  • All of the kids get good times running the mile, but Kit has to stop for awhile, because she is nervous and tired.

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Trivia (1)

  • Similar to in a previous episode, Kit has a panic attack, but she gets over it and finishes her mile.