Shaq's Big Challenge

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Quotes (2)

  • James: (holding a burger) Want a bite?

  • Kit's Dad: Get the **** off my property.

Notes (39)

  • All of the kids fail the presidential fitness test badly.

  • Everyone but Walter's parents are seen.

  • Kit never exercises, which is why she is overweight.

  • James does sometimes play football with the kids in his neighborhood, but some call him fat.

  • Shaq thinks Walter will be one of the hardest to get into shape, since he is addicted to video games, and he is the most overweight.

  • Chris has parents that, like him, are also very overweight.

  • James is overweight from being a "Junk food junckie"

  • Ariel is an emotional eater.

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Trivia (1)

  • Similar to in a previous episode, Kit has a panic attack, but she gets over it and finishes her mile.