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    Unprofessional and disrespectful most of the time

    By Professionalismandrespect, Sep 06, 2014

    A professional who makes an offer does not withdraw it 30 seconds later. When you make an offer and you bully the person into accepting it before hearing other offers or prevent them in discussing it in the backroom, it becomes bullying. One person on both Shark Tank and Dragon's Den shows psychopathic traits and is extremely disrespectful to many people. Both of these shows are representative of today's society where bullies, narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths rule in Canadian institutions to the point where many of these institutions have become corrupt. I find the products entertaining but many of your sharks or dragons set a bad example. Greed and envy are two deadly sins. Also, these people came up with an idea and created and it is selling in stores and you want 50% of their business? Yes, you are bringing your expertise but it is their baby, they don't have to give you 50%. That is absolute greed. I love it when people like Brent (spelling?) gives his money away or invests in something green. I think that Brent is the most professional and respectful of all these investors. Please drop the arrogance. You guys got lucky to get where you are today. Others have tried and have not been lucky. Be thankful that you have a good life but stop spitting on people. You are not special or the second coming of Christ, you got lucky. Be nice to people who are struggling and stop making fun of people on national TV.moreless

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    I like the product...

    By ashkannassirzadeh, Jul 26, 2014

    I want the sprinkler system shut off tool for the house. Fire man .

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    pretzel business

    By wantchapuhnewer, Jul 23, 2014

    Lol Mr wonderful when a gay men couple was trying to get help for tea he said HELL YEAH but today he said no to a mother making pretzel because it's too common like tea aint common? She clearly had a good business but u say no and yeah to some f##in tea, Mr wonderful I rock wit you but sometimes you talk for no reason

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    Cool show

    By SwimmingMatt, May 21, 2014

    Overall this show is good. Lots of fun new inventions. The judges could start being nicer.

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    Sports Bras for Women Idea

    By senash01, May 16, 2014

    Kevin has it wrong, a good sports bra is needed for Women.

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    Barbara needs to go....

    By rsf1805, Apr 27, 2014

    Barbara is not worth watching. She only bids on low dollar opportunities and takes advantage of everyone. The 4/25 show, she should be fired for buying that supplement about mindless. Mark needs to get rid of this women.

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    By speedyoh10, Mar 22, 2014

    I just watched the episode with the product " While I admit this is not the best invention ever, I see no reason why the sharks have to make fun of the guy and laugh at him. In my opinion this is cruel. For that reason I'm out!

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    I do not recall ever seeing any person that is trying to get help over the age of "60".

    By RAebitz, Jan 08, 2014

    Could it be they are too smart to give up 5 percent of their business or a 2 percent royalty, to the show's producers and ABC, this is in addition to the cut the sharks take.

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    Waste of Air time and Space

    By rockylockwood988, Jan 04, 2014

    I mean really, this is literally the most waste of time and air space on my TV. Please take it off and put in its place something less painful to watch like "WATCHING PAINT DRY OR GRASS GROW"

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    No Fair!!

    By jetlag4fun, Jan 04, 2014

    I love watching the Shark Tank. I have been watching for a long time. Mark, Barbara & Lori are my favorite sharks because of their human nature & understanding of how hard it is to get started in the business. However, it seems that recently, all of the sharks have been getting nastier & nastier by the episode. They seem tired, annoyed and are only looking for the most polished and well versed contestants. However, as a public (amateur) viewer I was extremely disappointed to watch how Mark & Lori chew the poor guy up, that invented the wine balloon. I don't think they gave him time to even process what was being presented to him. Mark & Lori originally offered the guy $600K for 100% of acquisition and within 30 seconds, Mark backed out and then 30 seconds later Mark decided to be back in the deal with Lori but this time - for only $400K. The poor guy should of walked away from that deal - to show them that his idea was worth more than $400K.

    Both Mark & Lori will probably go on to make millions from this awesome product. This behavior is something that I would have expected from Mr. Wonderful but not from them. They are usually better balanced when playing the "Good Shark - Bad Shark" way. This time the nicer sharks were down right greedy and very ugly. What a shame and definitely - NOT FAIR!! I think it might be time to clean out the shark tank out and get newer (more compassionate) sharks in.moreless

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