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    Female sharks need new clothes!!!

    By vickiepalici, Mar 21, 2015

    LOVE the show but WHY WHY WHY does Laurie always wear the black geometric neckline dress and Barbara always wears that blue dress with the lavender necklace. Someone lend them money to buy some new clothes..

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    How Do I apply to get on the show

    By ewells2193, Mar 01, 2015

    I have been trying to figure out how one applies to get on the show. Any suggestions.

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    Love the innovation

    By getsharktankproducts, Feb 11, 2015

    Hi, I simply love the shark tank and while O'Leary can get on your nerves, he sometimes provides entertainment value. I can see why so many people would dislike him though. I am fascinated by the kind of innovative products that come to the tank and while some don't get a deal, they instantly get viewed by millions of die hard fans.

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    Disgraceful investors

    By juliacavanagh, Feb 08, 2015

    Tonight was the first night I watched shark tank, after watching the advertisements for it my mum and I were rather excited to watch it and loved the idea behind it! But as soon as we turned it on we were horrified at the way they were treating one of the entrepreneurs. It's one thing to turn down an idea but it's another to absolutely gang up and bully the person, humiliate them and take it to a personal level. The investors are cruel, stuck up, dream crushers. Absolute garbage. Never watching a minute of it againmoreless

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    shark tank

    By coryclelland, Feb 07, 2015

    I love shark tank. I record it so I can watch them all. Nobody will care what I write, but robert is my favorite. He gives people a chance cause he has a heart when the idea has a chance. Babara isnt bad, but everybody else are just rich people being ignorant. I have cried watching the way some people were treated. Not everybody has all the money in the world that they have no worries. Would be nice to be you guys, but.... I know its a show but dont kill people... never know how bad the show meant to them. Still like the show though. Makes me happy when I see somebody deserving make a deal.


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    kevin oleary turns my stomach!!!!

    By KevinGiles, Feb 07, 2015

    Have loved this show from day one except for the beady eyed rodent that calls himself kevin oleary. His name calling and overall rude attitude has become offensive to the point that I will no longer watch as long as this little bitch is I'm out"!!!!!!

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    "mr wonderful" or "mr lose ratings"??? I choose the latter...

    By Dtopman4u, Jan 18, 2015

    My friends and I love Shark Tank but stopped watching it because of kevin oleary and his profound manner of treatment toward the entrepreneurs that come on the show. I mean SERIOUSLY who thinks they have the right to call someone a cockroach? I wouldn't take his money if he BEGGED ME TO!!! I give the show a score of 3 with "MR LOSER" ON IT!!!

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    More Bait for the Sharks!

    By valeen343, Jan 14, 2015

    Trump it up! Have a phone line taking orders during the candidates pitch.

    Just like HSN takes phone sales, this s/b an interesting by-line, panel activity, with live orders. This would add frenzy for two reasons:

    1) The Sharks can test the water ~ pre market if you will.

    2) It's a pay it forward gesture. The candidates may not get a deal from the sharks, but they can walk away with phone and web orders.

    Just throwing it out there!moreless

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    please remove the bully

    By billmatthews37604, Jan 13, 2015

    I like your show but Mr Wonderful got to go I do not like how he bullies people they have put all of their efforts to get where they are and to come in and ask for money is hard enough but you have someone bully critical and belittle somebody just for a TV show isn't worth itMr Wonderful needs to understand that he's only got to where he's out because he is been able to invest into other peoples companies I think he needs to sit back and think about his own success then worrying about his, Mr Wonderful the cockroachmoreless

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    Interesting Products and Entrepreneurs

    By productsofsharktank, Dec 07, 2014

    I got into this show with my wife well into Season 3 and we've been watching it ever since. The products and entrepreneurs are always intriguing, The investors come off as authentic, although play up their characters a bit to remain TV friendly. The pitches are undoubtedly spliced and at times contrived, which I'm sure is what keeps this show entertaining. It would be interesting though, to see the best of one pitch, completely unedited.

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