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    middle show information

    By BIGBOI481603, 20 hours ago

    I've never posted a comment on a show however when I watch shark tank, when I join in on an episode when they are negotiating a deal and haven't watched them present their investment they never tell you what their product or idea was. I think after the sharks say yes or no and they walk out the door the announcer should say "... and the (product or idea such as gumballs) took the deal at 2 million for 10 so the audience knows what's going on.moreless

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    Shark Tank rocks

    By TheHungryArtist, Nov 11, 2015

    I love to see all the crazy pitches, half real business lessons, half pure TV entertainment. Check out all the various ideas at allsharktankproducts dot com

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    Shark Tank Review

    By JosephPi, Oct 27, 2015

    This show is fake. It's showing desperate Americans trying to hock some nitch product to a broke nation, while the camera focuses on Mark Cuban's 2020 Campaign Bid. If you really want to solve a problem raise the min wage so you don't exploit Americans on TV anymore. Fast Fact America's largest export is ENTERTAINMENT!!!!

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    The show really deteriorated lately

    By BenjaminChao, Oct 04, 2015

    I used to really like this show and recommended it to my children and grand children as a good business show. But, no longer. In the show last night (10/2), Barbara is no longer a shark. She kissed up to Mark Cuban so much, she is more a little minion riding on the back of a shark. Now, Cuban is something else. He is so arrogant and rude, he showed no respect for other sharks, nor the presenters. I am quite sure that he did not get to where he is now by behaving this way. The show is no longer a role model for younger people to learn about business. It also lost its entertainment value. Too bad!moreless

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    kevin o'leary

    By JamesMills2538, Jul 29, 2015

    kevin is the worst arogant prick and should be removed. he is the only reason for a less than 10 rating. he is a disgraceful human being and does nothing but to talk down to everyone. he is also the penny pinching asshole that needs to shut his mouth if hes not interested in the concept. he never puts any money up anyway. i mute the tv when he opens his ugly face!!

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    Last episode I'll watch.

    By TinaCavanaugh, Jun 15, 2015

    Irish51 is right, these guys all act like they didn't fail all over the place before they made it big. Instead of being gracious and uplifting they are all a bunch of immature, self-centered babies. I've seen six-year-olds have better self control. O'Leary is the worst and should be removed from the show. I think he makes the rest of them "go to the dark side" too because of his rantings. Lori totally lost me tonight with her "wah, wah, you didn't listen to me so I'm out!" Are you kidding me? Grow up people and do the job you were sent there to do. If you don't want to spend your money then don't. But grow up and stop being jerks. Here's a hint to all of them.... I"D like to hear what the person has to say!!!!!! Like I said... last show for me.moreless

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    Really robert

    By diannebambrick, May 16, 2015

    Whats better make in America or money?? move to china robert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    get rid of Nick!

    By CarolOuellette, May 16, 2015

    Listening to Nick Woodman drone on about his GoPro is enough to make me turn the channel from Shark Tank. Nick is far more interested in his own success than in that of the show's contestants. Show Nick the door or I will be just a FORMER Shark Tank viewer...

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    wealth does not buy class

    By Irish51, May 09, 2015

    And Kevin O'Leary is proof of that ! Self proclaimed Mr. Wonderful has no class ! he gets his jollies off by insulting people. Mark Cuban runs a close second based on what I witnessed on tonight's show(May 8) I use to respect Cuban for the way he conducted himself, but recently he seems to enjoy putting hard working, innovating people down like O'Leary does. They act as if they always had the knowledge and know-how of business tactics that took years for them to learn and perfect, when I'm sure they have made their share of mistakes as they climbed the ladder of wealth. How arrogant of them ! I doubt either of them have ass enough to back up their big sarcastic O'Leary. I'd mash his big nose if he ever spoke down to me as I have witnessed him do to so many seeking investors. O'Leary, if you are not interested in what someone is offering, show some class and politely decline. There is no need to insult them as you have done. Cuban, you reminded me of an egotistical high school bully tonight. Don't forget where you came from. You've let your success go to your head. Grow up ! Robert, you friend have class and its obvious you haven't forgotten your humble roots. I admire you.moreless

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    O'Leary is disgusting!

    By DinaBrown4427, May 05, 2015

    He should be fired. Immediately. How dare he call anyone a cockroach or a colorful cockroach? That Napolean complex is hell. How insulting. I will never watch this show again as long as he is still on it. Good riddens!

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