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  • Episode Guide
  • S 7 : Ep 2

    Sharpe's Peril, Part 2

    Aired 11/9/08

  • S 7 : Ep 1

    Sharpe's Peril, Part 1

    Aired 11/2/08

  • S 6 : Ep 2

    Sharpe's Challenge, Part 2

    Aired 4/24/06

  • S 6 : Ep 1

    Sharpe's Challenge, Part 1

    Aired 4/23/06

  • S 5 : Ep 3

    Sharpe's Waterloo

    Aired 5/21/97

  • Cast & Crew
  • Sean Bean

    Richard Sharpe

  • Daragh O'Malley

    Patrick Harper

  • Hugh Fraser (II)

    Duke of Wellington [ 1994 - 2006 ]

  • Michael Cochrane

    Sir Henry Simmerson

  • Abigail Cruttenden

    Jane Gibbons/Sharpe [ 1996 - 1997 ]

  • show Description
  • Welcome to the Sharpe guide at is a spectacular drama about the career of a British soldier during the Napoleonic Wars. In the first episode, Rifleman Richard Sharpe saves the life of the Duke of Wellington at the Battle of Talavera and is commissioned from the ranks. In later episodes, Sharpe battles his way across Spain and France, defeating French spies and generals, and womanizing along the way. The original series, based on the Sharpe novels by Bernard Cornwell, ended with the Battle of Waterloo. Two further stories were made, in which Sharpe is called out of retirement and sent to India.The traditional song, Over the Hills and Far Away, is heard at the end of most episodes, as performed by John Tams, who played the part of Rifleman Hagman.moreless

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (101)

    • Hogan: Chosen men, Sharpe. They may look like a band of gypsies but they're the finest marksmen in King George's army.

    • Teresa: If you were French, I would take a knife and you would tell me all I wanted to know. Sharpe: But we are allies. Teresa: Allies? Do allies keep secrets from each other? Sharpe: Lovers keep secrets from each other, yet they still make love.

    • Man in Black: You say you are an Irishman. Why should you be loyal to the British dogs, who want to take you to Lisbon to shoot you? Harper: Jesus, you took the words right out of my mouth. Man in Black: I can help you. Give me the box? Harper: And if I do? Man in Black: You will be rich. Harper: And if I don't? Man in Black: You will be dead. Harper: Hmm... well, you're having the best of the argument so far.

    • Sharpe: You volunteer for this lot, Cooper? Cooper: Erm, not exactly, sir. I was 'invited' to join, by a magistrate.

    • Harper: Now, there's a woman worth fighting dirty for, sir.

    • Sharpe: Gi' me a picklock, Cooper. Cooper: Picklock, sir? Catch me with a picklock! Harper: They did, Coop. But when you got out of Newgate prison, you got another set, and that's the one the officer wants. Cooper: Do I get it back, sir? Sharpe: Trust me. Cooper: It's very hard to trust a man who wants to borrow your picklock, sir.

    • Harper: You'll make a grand killin' officer. Sharpe: Killin' officer? Harper:Ah, God love you, sir; I thought you would've known. There's two kinds of officers, sir: killing officers and murdering officers. Killing officers are poor ol' buggers that kill you by mistake. Murdering officers are mad, bad ol' buggers who get you killed on purpose. For a reason, for a country, for a religion, maybe even for a flag

    • Teresa: (to Hogan) He forbids it. Who does he think he is? Who does he think I am?

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    Notes (44)

    • Sharpe's Rifles was first broadcast in the US on Masterpiece Theatre in two parts on November 14 & 21, 1993.

    • The Spanish actress Assumpta Serna replaced Diana Penalvar as Teresa, after the first shoot in the Ukraine was abandoned. She said she based her performance on the true story of Agustina of Aragon, a woman who fought at Zaragoza, Tortosa and Vitoria.

    • Three hundred soldiers were hired as extras from the Ukrainian Army, plus forty horsemen.

    • The series was filmed in the Ukraine and the Torrecastro set was built in Dimerdji.

    • Sean Bean was the first choice to play Sharpe, but at first he wasn't available and the role was given to Paul McGann. However, two days into filming in the Ukraine, McGann was injured during a football game and found himself unable to shoot any strenuous scenes. For five weeks, schedules were re-arranged, but in the end the whole shoot was abandoned, the cast flew back to London and all contracts were terminated. A new leading man was needed, and luckily Sean Bean was now free. A week later, the cast and crew were back in the Ukraine and shooting began. McGann's accident triggered an insurance claim for £2,128,172 - at that time the highest in British television history.

    • Sharpe's Eagle was first broadcast in the US on Masterpiece Theatre in two parts on November 28 and December 5, 1993.

    • This was David Troughton's last performance as General Sir Arthur Wellesley, later to become the Duke of Wellington. Hugh Fraser then took over the role.

    • Brian Cox again appears as Wellington's spy, Major Hogan. He is replaced by Michael Byrne as Major Nairn in the second season.

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    Trivia (9)

    • Sharpe's 'Chosen Men' were not a British army unit but a group of lance corporals. The producers brought them together to give Sharpe a regular team around him.

    • This episode is based on Bernard Cornwell's book Sharpe's Rifles (1988).

    • This episode is based on Bernard Cornwell's book Sharpe's Eagle (1981).

    • This episode is set in Spain and Portugal in the year 1813.

    • The Battle of Vitoria was in June, 1813. However, in this episode we appear to see snow falling during the battle.

    • Sharpe and the Marquesa are riding and fall into a stream. This was an accident, but director Tom Clegg liked it and kept it in the film.

    • Goof: Captain Frederickson removes his false teeth before the battle, but this doesn't affect his speech.

    • Goof: The word 'quinine' is used in this episode, but it wasn't in use until 1820 when Pelletier and Caventou isolated and named the substance. In 1813, the nearest terms for describing quinine would have been 'Jesuit bark' and 'cinchona bark'.

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    Allusions (2)

    • Dodd: Yes sir, no sir, three bags bloody full, sir. This quotes part of the nursery rhyme, Baa, Baa Black Sheep, of which the first line is: Baa, baa, black sheep Have you any wool? Yes sir, yes sir Three bags full.

    • Stokes: Experience has taught me to be wary of Greeks, even when they are bearing gifts. This alludes to the famous line of the Roman poet Virgil, "Timeo Danaos, et dona ferentes." (I fear the Greeks, even when bearing gifts). It was about the Trojan Horse.

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  • outstanding

    By Grumpyclown, Feb 16, 2013

  • One of the most outstanding shows I've ever seen on TV.

    By Olie1993, Feb 17, 2008

  • Sharpe is one of my all times favorite TV Series.

    By kwell1, Nov 05, 2007

  • Historical atmosphere, exiting story, talented cast - all the things needed for success.

    By Parricida, Aug 26, 2007

  • British historical fiction series of one soldier during the Napoleonic wars.

    By hallsan, May 04, 2007

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