She Spies

(ended 2004)
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  • Every once in a while, an elite crime fighting team emerges - a highly sophisticated covert ops, specially trained in global intelligence maneuvers. This is not one of those teams. They are 3 career criminals with one shot at freedom. Now they are working for the feds who put them away. These are the women of She Spies, bad girls gone good! Working for the very feds who put them away, the career con-girls have turned their backs on their former lives, waging weekly war on the lowliest of the world's sleaze and scumbags, armed with sleek moves, street smarts and enough attitude to make a sailor blush. Now in their second year, the Spies find themselves under the management of Mr. Cross, who pits them against opponents worthier of their unique challenges. The show started off as a preview on NBC with a four-episode commitment. The show was to be going into syndication in the fall of 2002, unless ratings were outstanding. In fact, ratings were scarce, and NBC ended up only airing 3 of the 4 episodes they were supposed to air. So, the show moved to syndication in fall of 2002. Check your local listings, to see what station will be airing the show.moreless

  • Episode Guide
  • S 2 : Ep 20

    Remember When

    Aired 5/17/04

  • S 2 : Ep 19

    Wedding of the Century

    Aired 5/10/04

  • S 2 : Ep 18

    Witness Protection

    Aired 5/3/04

  • S 2 : Ep 17


    Aired 4/26/04

  • S 2 : Ep 16

    London Calling

    Aired 2/23/04

  • Cast & Crew
  • Natasha Henstridge

    Cassie McBain

  • Cameron Daddo

    Quentin Cross (Season 2)

  • Carlos Jacott

    Jack Wilde (Season 1)

  • Kristen Miller

    Deedra "D.D." Cummings

  • Natashia Williams

    Shane Phillips

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  • Gislef

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (376)

    • D.D.: Red and green wires.
      Shane: That's so cliche.
      D.D.: Which one should I pull?
      Cassie: The red.
      Shane:The green.
      Cassie: The red.
      Shane: The green.
      Cassie: Die Hard With a Vengeance, it was the red.
      Shane: Blown Away, it was the green.
      Cassie: Executive Decision was the red.
      Shane: Lethal Weapon 3 was the green!
      D.D.: Guys, this isn't a movie.
      Cassie: You're right. If it were, we'd have bigger sets.

    • Shane: You know what I hate?
      Cassie: The systemic anger and alienation in today's younger generation?
      D.D.: The rapidly increasing national debt and its effect on our health and welfare programs?
      Cassie: Those tiny little hairs that grow on your earlobe?

    • Jack: (as The Dating Game host) Spy number one's a local girl made bad, who rebelled against her rich parents, found success as a master thief, and once crippled a man she claims was trying to assault her. Watch out, fellas. More than just a token African-American, she's proficient in Brazilian jujitsu and makes a wonderful peach cobbler. Say hello to Shane!

    • Jack: (as The Dating Game host) Spy number two comes to us from Washington, D.C., where she was indicted on six counts of stealing state secrets from a government database. An expert in computer hacking and foreign languages, she loves volleyball and dancing the rumba. Say hello to D.D.!

    • Jack: (as The Dating Game host) And last but certainly not least, spy number three. Hailing from Aspen, Colorado, this former Phi Delta Gamma earned her three trips to prison by conning millions of dollars from greedy bankers and C.E.O.s. She loves slipping into other personas and walks on the beach. Let's give a big hand to Cassie!

    • Jack: As you all no doubt have heard, Governor MacNamara has been given his own television show. The network's about to shoot the first episode.
      D.D.: First one's always a cheat. The rest of the series is never as good.
      Shane: Yep. That's because they spend all their money on the first one.
      Cassie: Put in lots of sex and action so they can fool you into thinking it's going to be like that every week.
      D.D.: That is so sleazy.
      Shane: I agree.
      Jack: People... it's a talk show.

    • Shane: Any suspects?
      Jack: A few. The Liberation People's Front, the Hammer of God right-wing paramilitary group, the Mallet of God left-wing separatists, the Screaming Banshees of Death-- they're actually quite moderate-- 24 members of the State House, 32 members of the State Senate, five Supreme Court justices, disgruntled postmaster general, the National Organization for Women, Bill O'Reilly, Bill Buckley, Billy Baldwin, Natalie Portman, Shannon Elizabeth, Kirsten Dunst, Jim Bailey--don't ask. His high-school homeroom teacher, his college Poli-Sci teacher...

    • Jimmy: I don't care what anyone says. Hollywood is a magical place full of magical people, and they deserve all the awards they give themselves.

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    Notes (37)

    • Elmer Bernstein's Theme From The Magnificent Seven plays as Shane ropes Barry.

    • Homages in this episode range from James Bond (Cassie's 'Shaken and stirred' line) to Dr. Seuss, to The Avengers movie (the teddy-bear picnic).

    • Last episode to air on NBC.

    • The safe-cracking kit isn't available at ;)

    • On the wall of the apartment (and on Jack's surveillance van) there's a sign: Pakor Cheese something. Pakor Frozen Foods was a place where The Centre stored embryoes in The Pretender, Steven Long Mitchell & Craig W. Van Sickle's previous series, brutally canceled by NBC.

    • So are producer Steven Long Mitchell and Sam Ayers related or something? Mitchell also produced The Pretender, and Ayers was a regular on there as "Sam the Sweeper."

    • Don Gribb is presumably the actor playing Cassie's father on tape but it's hard to tell. Everyone else in the cast with any dialogue is accounted for. Apparently Don Gribb has appeared in absolutely nothing else major - anyone know who else he might have played here?

    • The gag with the kids of course is that Natasha Henstridge starred in the movie Species.

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    Trivia (23)

    • The stunt double filling in for Barry Bostwick during the flat-falling gag looks very little like the actor.

    • For some reason James DiStefano's character is identified as "augusto martini" in the end-credits, even though the bad guy is clearly identified several times as "Frederico" in the episode.

    • At least several people at the Furry Party are dressed as birds, not mammals or quadrupeds.

    • Dr. Paul says Amy has been under their treatment for years as if he was there treating her - woudln't he have noticed she never aged?

    • When Shane holds up the spoon to watch Bick, the image is right-side up. A concave surface would reflect the image upside down.

    • Bick's fight double during the long shots of the fight on the yacht with Shane has a radically different hairstyle then Shawn Toub's widow's peak.

    • When Cassie first starts working for Malloy, she contacts D.D. on her headset to break into the computer. D.D. tells her to "click on start, click on run, click on okay." But a close up of Cassie's hands shows her typing on the keyboard. She should just be using the mouse.

    • It is supposed to be a Saturday, but The View only airs on weekdays.

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    Allusions (43)

    • D.D.: Shane! Come back, Shane!

      Referencing the 1953 Western movie Shane, starring Alan Ladd in the title role. Shane is a mysterious gunfighter who is caught between a struggle between homesteaders and cattle barons. In one of the movie's scenes, Young Joey (Brandon Wilde) calls out "Shane. Shane. Come back!"

    • Opening Sequence:

      The scene "introducing" the girls, from Jacott's blue frilled tuxedo to the dayglo 'stars' on the wall, is an obvious reference to the original game show The Dating Game, which ran for nearly 300 episodes between December 1965 and January 1967.

    • The Thin Man in Black:
      One gets the impression Zack Ward's pre-credit bad guy is a homage to Crispin Glover's "The Thin Man" in the original Charlie's Angels movie.

    • Cassie: The Thing With Two Heads
      Yes, there is such a movie - a godawful American International flick (advertised with the line "They transplanted a white bigot's head on a soul brother's body!"). The stars are Ray Milland (??) and Rosie Greer (?!?!?!?) with Milland as a racist forced to graft his head on to convict Greer's body, and hilarity ensues. Catch it if you can!

    • Cassie: MacGyver would have had it patented by now.
      "MacGyver" seems to have pretty much entered the common lexicon as a reference to someone making some gadget out of common household items - it's been referenced in shows such as Stargate SG-1 and The Immortal. This is, of course, a direct reference to the MacGyver, a TV show that showcased the talent of the lead character, Angus MacGyver, played by Richard Dean Anderson.

    • D.D.: I have a renewed respect for Toby McGuire.
      Said as D.D. does her 'stretched between two walls' 'wall-crawling' routine, alluding to the movie Spider-Man.

    • D.D.: I had the most wonderful dream. And you were there, and you were there, and so were you. This refers to the movie The Wizard of Oz. Dorothy says this line (or one very much like it) just after she "gets back" from Oz.

    • Background Music: Rocky Theme
      Plays the Rocky theme music during the suggestion they undergo training.

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  • Fan Reviews (20)
  • Anyone who doesn't like this show doesn't understand this show.

    By mmiller1272, Feb 19, 2008

  • it is so stupid and how could it last so long

    By heroesfan07, Jul 02, 2007

  • Very, very unrealistic, and total waste of time

    By blacked_line, Sep 23, 2006

  • Low budget Charlie's Angels reincarnated

    By ez1jb, Sep 13, 2006

  • A show about three career criminals, Cassie, Dee Dee, and Shane, who have been recruited by a secret government agency to work on the side of good and bring down the bad guys.

    By playthemusic814, Jun 25, 2006