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  • 9.0

    Anyone who doesn't like this show doesn't understand this show.

    By mmiller1272, Feb 19, 2008

    Anyone who doesn't like this show doesn't understand this show. She Spies knows that it's campy, cheesy and utterly inane. The cheese is what makes it a great show. If you truly watch the show, the little odd jokes every few minutes are not at par with the Zucker brothers, but definietly does a great job aspiring to it.

    All the inside and stupid jokes make it worth the campiness.


    Cassie: Didn't we just stop a computer from uploading secret data last week?

    Shane: Nah, week before that. (cuts power)

    Mel: Oh no! It didn't finish uploading. It didn't send!

    Cassie: Didn't that happen last week too?moreless

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  • 1.6

    Very, very unrealistic, and total waste of time

    By blacked_line, Sep 23, 2006

    I really do not get who came up with this! It is sooo unrealistic, you can see it jusgt watching one scene. The whole story is very, very boring and I have a feeling that I've already seen it before.

    And I would never call this an action show. I don't know, the point of the good show is that it looks like it's really happening, that you are not having a feeling that is all acting.

    But, here, you can see that is all a bad act in one second... really bad show, I watch it only when there's nothing good on TV.moreless

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  • 5.9

    Low budget Charlie's Angels reincarnated

    By ez1jb, Sep 13, 2006

    There's a sweet one, a smart one, and then there's the &* (rhymes with blow). Well, I'm not saying which one that was, but I can tell that this show was modeling itself after the fluff classic. She Spies is so campy at times it seemed like a live action cartoon. I really do think this show had potential , but it didn't take itself seriously enough.

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  • 8.5

    A show about three career criminals, Cassie, Dee Dee, and Shane, who have been recruited by a secret government agency to work on the side of good and bring down the bad guys.

    By playthemusic814, Jun 25, 2006

    This show was highly underappreciated. I know that from the very first airing. She Spies never took itself seriously and I think that is why most of the viewing audience could not appreciate it for what it was, a spoof. Xena, La Femme Nikita, Buffy, Alias, any show with a female lead as action hero was its target. Maybe it was a little before its time, perhaps it would have made a good movie something in the vain of the Scary Movie franchise. This show had everything from the over the top tech ops, to the big guns, to bad guys with fake accents and retarded plans, even the fact that the lackies always come after you one at a time and no matter how many shots were fired no one could aim. I loved this show but, I knew it would be cancelled soon after it began. So, I thank Dee Dee, Cassie, and Shane for the memories. Download this show, the laughs are worth the wait.moreless

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  • 10

    Do I really have to do this??

    By junebby19, Mar 17, 2006

    Honestly, I think She Spies is a great show, even though it does have some aspect of Charlie\'s Angels. I love D.D\'s quirky attitude, Shane\'s kiss-ass mindset but I love the chemistry between Cassie and Mr Cross. Although, he doesn\'t do much about it. Personally I think that it is cute that Mr Cross has a secret interest 4 her although I wish that they would go out or something which will then lead to promblems with creative differences.Something like that.

    Otherwise, the show\'s pretty good.moreless

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  • 3.3

    Very unrealistic

    By crazygirl43, Jan 31, 2006

    This show is so bad. I was happy when it stop coming on. It was somewhat good when it first came on, but when Jack left, it became a piece of ....... crap, sinceI can't say the word I wanna say.And this would never happen in real life, the convicts would probably help out the bad guys. Then,the leader got on my last damn nerves. Most of the episodes I wanted her to get killed.

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  • 7.0

    It may have passed under your radar

    By RayLizard, Oct 19, 2005

    Most probably you didn't watch it. The first impression you got was that it was Baywatch but with more clothing.

    But not, it was much more funny and sometimes completly bizarre (but again, maybe you don't like bizarre as much as I do).

    Incredible looking women, crazy as hell stories and the knowledge that perhaps "I shouldn't be watching this" made it a mixture of Guilty Pleasure and a Must See.

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  • 10

    Great Program, Excellent Acting.

    By agbukey1, Oct 08, 2005

    I loved She Spies, and I loved Mr. Cross hidden intrest for Cassie. It would have been nice if this program continued and let Mr. Cross and Cassie get married and the conflicts that would develope because of this union. Shane was great. I loved her and I loved Dee Dee. I will miss you all. And oh yes, Duncan, I love you I love you all and will miss you.

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  • 8.5

    Charlie's Angels for Simpsons fans.

    By emallisto, Aug 27, 2005

    Why was this syndicated show always played in such a horrendous time slot? I was always annoyed by that, since it was actually a well-written farce. You could tell that the writers and the actors had such a good time making fun of themselves and the premise of this show. Every episode made me laugh. The storylines were never very original, but the one-liners and jokes told you full well that that was the intention. I will miss you, She Spies. I hope you make it to DVD.moreless

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