Sheep in the Big City

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    is garbage!!

    By 0mega140, May 24, 2015

    this show was the begin of the mediocre show for cartoon network, boring plot and boring characters.

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    Why on earth did this thing end?

    By finnysohr, Dec 01, 2014

    Seriously! This show didn't even get past the second season. Apparently it was going to get a third season but for some reason the execs at CN didn't want that, and decided to cancel it! Why do you do this, execs? You always cancel you're good shows after one or two seasons.

    In fact, this show almost didn't get a second season. According to wikipedia, the first season grinded to a halt in December 2000 when the first seven episodes aired. After two more episodes, the show was cancelled midway through it's first season in March 2001, then got a brief revival in July 2001 to air the last four episodes, but got cancelled again in August 2001.

    But in September 2001, they decided to renew it for another season. Apparently, the second season went on hiatus after four episodes in December 2001, only to briefly air the last few episodes in April 2002. In May 2002, the show got renewed for a third season, but in June 2002, the idea got dropped.

    Why do you cancel these great shows, Cartoon Network? You had NO reason to deny the idea of this show getting a third season. That was a fantastic idea, I would've been very happy if this show got a third season. Sure, the first season wasn't as good as the second but that doesn't mean you have to cancel it, because Season 2 was fantastic! If only this show could be brought back.moreless

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    U WOT M8

    By NostalgiaFaggot, Aug 05, 2014

    Are you kidding me? This show is awesome! Forget the haters! They just hate the show because they're big stinky doo doo heads!

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  • 9.5

    Funny, Imaginative, Intresting Plots. WHY WAS IT CANCELED?

    By Review-o-tron, Dec 14, 2013

    This was one of the funniest cartoons i've ever seen. The Oxymoron commercials were hilarious. Nowadays, Cartoon Network's shows a severe decline in quality (espically, that Uncle Grandpa). Sheep in the Big City had a lot of imagination (like the concept of Clearance Day), Also had a good sense of humor, such as the idea of "Smart Bombs" as bombs that go to the library. Cartoon Network should really reboot this show or at least air reruns of it.

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  • 9.0

    I nearly forgot that this show existed

    By cheese1994, Aug 25, 2013

    A unique and original plot, hilarious jokes, good like-able characters. It's unfortunate how obscure this show is now.

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  • 8.0

    Good show.

    By Lyoko88, Mar 18, 2013

    Good show. Too bad it didn't last long.

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  • 6.3

    Well there is the sheep, and the not-so-secret military organisation hot on his tail, lame brain General Specifiks and a weird little girl who treats sheep like a dog... All this I get, but a ranting Swede? Huh? Still can't figure that out...

    By sjquah, Jan 21, 2011

    The story about a sheep on the run is quite original i must say. But there are some points where it doesn't really make sense, like what is the ranting Swede?

    But all in all, I think it is a fairly decent and funny cartoon to watch, when you have nothing better on.

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  • 8.2

    A sheep gets sick of the barn so he tries to go to a city.

    By Darkknight313, Dec 29, 2007

    This show is great and underrated it has such great references and funny names for the characters like Far Mer John and General Pacific and Private Public I wonder why it was canceled? It might not have been popular but it's a underappreciated series even though the style ain't that great and some episodes were strange this show is something to get use to. I hear by give this a 8.2 out of 10 if it was still going I would give it a 9 or 10 but I give it 8.2 also cause there are somethings not good about it.moreless

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  • 8.7

    Whoever thought of this must have a good imagination. How was this awesome show cancelled??

    By schoolsucks2005, Oct 21, 2007

    It's like the creators take out the good programmes and replace them with utter crap! This show was really funny and original and they go ahead and cancel this for Codename: KND? Ok...I hated KND but loved this so I don't understand why that show was more popular...

    Anyway, the show is about a sheep who cannot talk but makes up for action, and the villains are simply hilarious. General Specific and Private Public are funny names! ;)

    But really, I think this show is truly an underrated classic. It should be more popular, I mean it was great AND original!! I think the creators should think twice before they cancel their best shows!moreless

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  • 9.5

    Shear silliness, but very enjoyable.

    By Afro_monkee, Aug 12, 2007

    The story of a sheep living in the Big City, who not only has to somehow get jobs and make money, but also has to avoid a Secret Military Organization bent on capturing him to survive. Sounds ridiculous, and it is, but it is deserving of attention and more episodes.

    The story follows Sheep, obviously, with narration by Ben Plotz. He leaves his farm and clingy owner Farmer John for life in the Big City, and with the military on his tail. It just so happens he's the perfect specimen for their Sheep-Powered Ray Gun, and General Specific will not rest until its completion. With advice from the Angry (not Mad) Scientist and Private Public, the General is constantly putting his crazy plans into action and amazingly failing every single time. Sheep also falls in love with a poodle, Swanky, but it is a love possibly unrequited thanks to Swanky's sheep hating owner, Lady Richington. Each episode has its bizarre twists with the occasional heartwarming moral, and ends with insight from our favorite Ranting Swede.

    This show is overflowing with puns along with breaks through the fourth wall and very hysterical if you give it a chance. The running gags, plays on names, and fake commercials are clever and refreshing from the usual fart jokes from other cartoons. Sometimes the show tries a little too hard to be funny, but can still have you laughing nonetheless. If you need a good laugh, Sheep in the Big City can help.moreless

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