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  • S 3 : Ep 3

    His Last Vow

    Aired 1/12/14

  • S 3 : Ep 2

    The Sign of Three

    Aired 1/5/14

  • S 3 : Ep 1

    The Empty Hearse

    Aired 1/1/14

  • S 2 : Ep 3

    The Reichenbach Fall

    Aired 1/15/12

  • S 2 : Ep 2

    The Hounds of Baskerville

    Aired 1/8/12

  • Cast & Crew
  • Martin Freeman (II)

    Dr John Watson

  • Benedict Cumberbatch

    Sherlock Holmes

  • Rupert Graves

    DI Lestrade

  • Mark Gatiss

    Mycroft Holmes

  • Jonathan Aris


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  • This three-part series retells the tale of England's most celebrated detective but in a modern-day setting, with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman taking the leads as Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson respectively.

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  • Quotes (185)

    • Anderson: A blonde drug smuggler who was exposed by an abbot with unusual powers of observation and deduction.
      Lestrade: A blonde woman hiding among bald monks? That wouldn't exactly take Sherlock Holmes.

    • Anderson: What police inspector could have made that deduction?
      Lestrade: Oh, thank you.

    • Sherlock: Why am I doing this again?
      Lestrade: You're going to miss the dinner.
      Sherlock: Of course I'm going to miss dinner. There'll be people.

    • Molly: Listen, I was wondering. Maybe later, when you're finished... Sherlock: Are you wearing lipstick? You weren't wearing lipstick before. Molly: I, uh... I refreshed it a bit. Sherlock: Sorry, you were saying? Molly: I was wondering if you'd like to have coffee? Sherlock: Black, two sugars, please. I'll be upstairs. Molly: Okay.

    • Sherlock: Ah, Molly. Coffee, thank you. What happened to the lipstick? Molly: It wasn't working for me. Sherlock: Really? I thought it was a big improvement. Your mouth's too... small, now. Molly: Okay.

    • Watson: Is that it? Sherlock: Is that what? Watson: We've only just met, and we're going to go look at a flat. Sherlock: Problem? Watson: We don't know a thing about each other. I don't know where we're meeting, I don't even know your name. Sherlock: I know you're an army doctor and you've been invalided home from Iraq or Afghanistan. I know you've got a brother who's worried about you, but you won't go to him for help because you don't approve of him-possibly because he's an alcoholic, more likely because he recently walked out on his wife. And I know that your therapist thinks your limp's psychosomatic, quite correctly I'm afraid. That's enough to be going on with, don't you think? (he exits and pops back in) The name's Sherlock Holmes and the address is 221B Baker Street. Afternoon. (leaves) Stamford: Yeah. He's always like that.

    • Watson: Well this is a prime spot. Must be expensive. Sherlock: Mrs. Hudson the landlady is giving me a special deal. She owes me a favor. A few years back her husband got himself sentenced to death in Florida. I was able to help her. Watson: So you stopped her husband from being executed? Sherlock: Oh, no. I ensured it.

    • Watson: That's a skull. Sherlock: Friend of mine. Well, I say friend.

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    Notes (39)

    • Seven minutes.

    • The episode premiered on BBC Red Button 1 on the Internet.

    • This episode was loosely adapted from A Study in Scarlet by Arthur Conan Doyle, first published as A Tangled Skein in Beeton's Christmas Annual (1887).

    • Mark Gatiss is uncredited as Mycroft Holmes.

    • Injoke: The student who dies at the beginning is named James Phillimore, a reference to a character mentioned in passing in the Sherlock Holmes story "The Problem of Thor Bridge," "who, stepping back into his own house to get his umbrella, was never more seen in this world", just as the student disappears while fetching his umbrella.

    • International Airdates: The Netherlands: October 20, 2010 on KRO U.S.: October 24, 2010 on PBS (Masterpiece Theatre) Czech Republic: October 11, 2011 on AXN

    • According to Stephen Moffat, this episode was allegedly inspired by Arthur Conan Doyle's original Sherlock Holmes story "The Adventure of the Dancing Men," published in the December 1903 issue of the Strand magazine and later collected in The Return of Sherlock Holmes. However, that story features a substitution cipher. The code featured here is a numeric code, which is found in Doyle's novel The Valley of Fear.

    • International Airdates:
      The Netherlands: October 27, 2010 on Nederland 1
      U.S.: October 31, 2010 on PBS (Masterpiece Theatre)
      Czech Republic: October 18, 2011 on AXN

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    Trivia (13)

    • When Sherlock and John are first seated at Angelo's restaurant, Angelo brings a candle for the table. In the next shot for John's conversation with Sherlock, John is chewing, although neither of the two placed an order for food, nor did we see Angelo bring anything else to the table. In the next full shot of the tabletop, we see an entre for John, a glass of wine, and a cup of tea before the two leave the restaurant.

    • The newspaper article seen four minutes into the episode about the dead student has multiple repeating paragraphs: the first paragraph from the first column matches the second paragraph in the third; also, the last five lines of the second column are repeated in the beginning of the third column.

    • Dan Brown's novel The Lost Symbol can repeatedly be seen briefly during this episode. Its plot revolves mainly around symbols and codes, thus sharing a theme with this episode.

    • There is a discrepancy about the age of Connie Prince. On the diner's television, the caption on her death reads, "Make-over Queen Connie Prince dead at 48." In the next scene at the morgue, Lestrade reads from a file and states that Connie was 54.

    • DI Lestrade refers to the five tones (four short and one long) heard on the pink phone as "the bloody Greenwich Pips." However, the Greenwich Time Signal (a.k.a. "the pips") has six tones (five short and one long) and are used to indicate the top of the hour. The bomber intentionally removed the first pip from the recording so there would be only five (allowing the connection with the secret societies warning).

    • The dead man, West, is referred to as "Andrew" throughout. However, in the end credits, his first name is listed as "Alan."

    • The newspaper articles that show Sherlock in the deerstalker hat have errors. The first repeats the second paragraph twice, beginning mid-sentence. The same paragraphs appear again in the first column of the third article, even though they are clearly meant to be distinct.

    • When John first sees Sherlock's body, there is a large truck with red and yellow markings blocking part of his view. The truck vanishes completely when John is hit by the biker and Sherlock can now be seen surrounded by several people. In the overhead shot of Sherlock, the truck can be seen driving off and people are only just now beginning to rush to Sherlock.

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    Allusions (8)

    • Shoulder Wound: At the end, Watson references being shot in the shoulder, despite being seen in the episode to have a limp. This is a clever reference to a continuity error in Doyle's writings, in which Watson was originally described as having shoulder wound, but later was described as having a leg wound.

    • Title: A Study in Pink This is a play on the the first Sherlock Holmes story written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle called "A Study in Scarlet".

    • Jeff: You don't want to phone a friend. This is a popular saying from the show "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire." It is an option to get extra help with the questions along with "Ask the Audience" and "50/50".

    • Dimmock: Like Spider-Man?
      Referencing the Marvel comic book character created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, and who first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15 (Aug. 1962). Peter Parker, bitten by a radioactive spider, gains spider-like powers and becomes a superhero. The hero, Marvel's icon, has had several of his own comic book series and appeared in TV shows and movies.

    • Headline: Hat-man and Robin. Referencing the famous Dynamic Duo Batman and Robin, who also solve crimes in an out-of-the-ordinary fashion.

    • Sherlock: It's this, or Cluedo.
      Cluedo (or, in the US versions, Clue) is a board game in which one must discover the identity of the murderer, his weapon, and its location, of victim Dr. Black (Mr. Boddy in the US) from a pool of, traditionally, six suspects, six weapons, and nine rooms. They are chosen randomly for each game from stacks of corresponding cards, and it is therefore impossible for Dr. Black/Mr. Boddy to be his own murderer, since he doesn't have a card.

    • John: All right, Spock, just take it easy.
      Referencing the 1960s TV series Star Trek, and the half-human, half-Vulcan science officer Mr. Spock, played by Leonard Nimoy. Vulcans suppress their emotions to the point that many outsiders believe that they have no feelings whatsoever. At least one Star Trek movie suggested that Sherlock Holmes might be one of Spock's ancestors on his human side.

    • Moriarty: Sherlock, your big brother and all the king's horses couldn't make me do a thing I didn't want to. Referencing the nursery rhyme "Humpty Dumpty" where "All the king's horses and all the king's men / Couldn't put Humpty together again." They represent the height of impossibility.

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