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    I loved this show. I couldn\'t watch it at home so I went next door to watch it with my Grandmother. She was cooler than my Dad.

    By werd56, Jun 02, 2010

    I was just 14 when this show debuted and was into music. I had just become enamored with the music of the \'Stones as I always love R&B from the 50\'s and 60\'s.

    My father hated my music and would not allow me to watch it at home. I used to go to Nonni\'s house next door to watch it. We had a weekly \'date\' with Shindig.

    The show was at the cutting edge, bringing all kinds of music into the living room.

    I particularly remember the \'Stones performing \"Play With Fire\" while hovering over an automobile.

    I remember Billy Preston\'s appearance. His recent death shook my memory of Shindig and all the fun I actualy had watching the show with Nonni.

    I wish that the episodes would be released on DVD. A wonderful show in a better time in life and wonderful guests and performances.moreless

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