Shining Time Station

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Quotes (92)

  • Mr. Conductor: If you've come back to clean the windows, they haven't had a chance to get dirty! Matt: Where did you go before? Mr. Conductor: Railroad work takes me everywhere, Matt. You don't spend a lot of time in one place. It's a traveling business. I was just off traveling with Edward. Matt: Who's Edward? Mr. Conductor: You don't know Edward?! Of course you don't know Edward! If you didn't know Thomas, how could you know Edward? I'll tell you a story about Edward. (he blows his whistle)

  • Harry: There's just something about this place.

  • Mr. Conductor: What's your name? Matt: Mat--Matthew--M-- Matt! Mr. Conductor: Or is it Matthew-Matt-Matthew? And you may call me Mr. Conductor. Well, you're a good worker. You know who'd like you? My friend Thomas. Matt: T-Thomas lives in there with you? Mr. Conductor: Dear me, no! Thomas is a steam engine, and he lives on the Island of Sodor. You are interested in trains, aren't you? Matt: Yes, sir. Mr. Conductor: Splendid. Then I'll tell you a story about my friend Thomas. You do like stories, don't you? Matt: Oh, yeah. Mr. Conductor: Very well. But first, I have to find my whistle. (he looks in his pockets for his whistle and finds it) Mr. Conductor: Ah! Here we go! (he blows his whistle)

  • Harry: When you're on the railroad, you have to watch what you're doing.

  • (Tanya looks around for her missing necklace) Tanya: Where is it? Where is it?! I can't find it anywhere. Grandpa will be furious! (Harry walks up to her) Harry: Why will Grandpa be furious? Tanya: Oh! Harry: Out with it, girl. Why should I be furious? Tanya: I lost Grandma's necklace that you gave me. Harry: You lost it? That's not going to get me angry. That was an accident! You didn't do it on purpose, did you? Tanya: No, Grandpa. Harry: Well, then, let's stop talking and start looking!

  • Mayor Flopdinger: (about Schemer) Have you tried that sandwich spread of his? Stacy: Yes. I have tried it. Mayor Flopdinger: Well, then I don't have to tell you that this stuff is inedible by man nor beast. My shaving cream tastes better than this. Stacy: I'll tell Schemer you stopped by. Mayor Flopdinger: Thank you very much. And tell Mr. Schemer that if he doesn't have a new, improved version of his sandwich spread in time for lunch, he's in big trouble! And not only with me, but also with every one of the Friends of the Flowering Cactus Ladies Auxiliary. And that's not funny. Believe me, I speak from experience.

  • Schemer: Okay, everybody. Stacy, Harry, to the workshop. Gonna do a complete new re-wrap. Stacy: Wait, that's not very efficent, Schemer. You don't need 3 people to wrap a little package. I'll do it. Schemer: Good. All right. And... I will supervise. Harry: And I'll make sure you don't mess up my workshop!

  • (after Stacy and Harry hear that Matt and Tanya are on the next train back to Shining Time) Harry: Now, who do those kids think they are, running off like that? I'm going to teach that Tanya a lesson. Yes, sir! Stacy: Kids like to explore, Harry. Harry: There's exploring and exploring! But running off like this and letting everybody worry about them?! Stacy: Yes, I agree. I agree, Harry, but at least they're safe and sound. (Mr. Conductor appears on the information desk) Mr. Conductor: You could tell them that the next time they want to go exploring without permission, they might try doing it with their imaginations. Harry: Save themselves some train fare, too.

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Notes (184)

  • In the station is a huge mural, which resembles WPA paintings of the 1930s.

  • Kevin Roth sings the theme song played during the opening and closing credits.

  • In the opening, Shining Time is listed as having a population of "5,006 give or take".

  • Matt meets Mr. Conductor for the first time in this episode.

  • First appearances of these characters: Stacy Jones (the manager of Shining Time Station) Henry "Harry" Cupper (a locomotive engineer and master mechanic who works at the workshop) Tanya (Harry's granddaughter) Matt (Stacy's nephew) Mr. Conductor (an 8-inch man who lives in a signal house on the station mural) and the Jukebox Band (a band that lives inside a Jukebox).

  • Thomas Stories: Thomas Gets Tricked and Edward Helps Out.

  • We learn that Mr. Conductor is 18 inches tall.

  • Tanya meets Mr. Conductor for the first time in this episode.

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Trivia (18)

  • This show is a American spin off for Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends.

  • In the end credits the stories are printes by their U.K titles. Since they were broadcast in America, they should've used the AMERICAN titles. (Thomas gets tricked and Edward Helps Out) This happens in every episode this season.

  • In the end credits, the titles for the Thomas Stories mistakenly were "Thomas and Gordon" and "Edward and Gordon". They were supposed to be: "Percy Runs Away" and "Thomas Comes to Breakfast".

  • When Mr. Conductor narrates The Flying Kipper, he doesn't use his whistle.

  • "Percy's Ghostly Trick" later appeared in the second season's Halloween-themed episode "Scare Dares" where George Carlin made his first appearance as Mister Conductor.

  • When Vickie picks up Mr. Conductor before she puts him on the Christmas tree, you can tell that he's a still figure.

  • "Percy's Ghostly Trick" previously appeared in the first season episode "Things that Go Ga-Hooga! in the Night" where Ringo Starr narrated that "Thomas the Tank Engine" story in his role of Mister Conductor.

  • When Bertie's Chase is shown the first scenes are cut out. But in the episode "Splish, Splash, Splosh", the episode is in full length.

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Allusions (7)

  • Stacy Jones The stationmaster is named "Stacy Jones", a reference to legendary train engineer Casey Jones.

  • The locomotive at the end credits throughout the series is Union Pacific No.844.

  • This episode title is based on a song of the same name from the first Walt Disney movie, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs".

  • The song, "Casey Jones" sung by the Jukebox Band is similar to Stacy Jones in this episode.

  • The footage used for the opening and closing sequences was filmed at the Grand Canyon Railway in Williams, Arizona, and features their locomotive #18. Incidentally, the 18 makes a second appearance as it's whistle, a Southern Pacific six-chime, is used for Mr. Nicholas's heard-but-not-seen "Northern Star." This locomotive now resides at the Mt. Hood Railroad in Oregon.

  • Mayor Flopdinger: Ask not what I can do for you, but rather, what you can do for me. This line is similar to John F. Kennedy's famous phrase from when he was elected president: "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country!"

  • Billy: Go ahead. Make my day. Billy says that phrase in the style of Clint Eastwood.