Showtime at the Apollo

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    Fine tuning meaning tuning out the host!!

    By nikkip37, Feb 25, 2008

    I would love to give this show a higher rating but due to the racial comments made by the host of the show I can not allow myself to do so. I would give the show an 8.5 but I will give the host a 3. Comments like real women are usually black women don't sit to well with me as a real caucasion woman. I rate hime higher than I should considering the fact he may just be an ignorant man with double standards when it comes to racial related views. It's unfair for me to not fully be able to enjoy a show I like because of the deaf ear people tend the have when racial comments are coming from the other direction.moreless

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    A show where Hispanic and black teens on the last week of July competeted against each other in respective dance numbers.

    By Mattson25, Aug 01, 2005

    Having an abstract hip hop act follow a gutteral, intensely high energy latin dance act was vicious act against black children and an abomination in cynical political hatred.

    It was ahead of its time in political racist hot winds.

    What made your evil intentions so apparent was that artistically speaking, the cultural gap was the equivalent of having a competition between a ballet troupe and tapdancers.

    I\'d rethink the name of your show to gangsta\' rumble recruiting night by scummy producers and media outlet.moreless

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