Silk Stalkings

USA (ended 1999)
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  • S 8 : Ep 22

    Noir (2)

    Aired 4/18/99

  • S 8 : Ep 21

    Noir (1)

    Aired 4/18/99

  • S 8 : Ep 20

    Dream Weavers

    Aired 4/11/99

  • S 8 : Ep 19

    A Clockwork Florida Orange

    Aired 4/4/99

  • S 8 : Ep 18

    Where & When

    Aired 3/28/99

  • Cast & Crew
  • Chris Potter

    Sergeant Tom Ryan

  • Rob Estes

    Lieutenant Chris 'Sam' Lorenzo

  • Janet Gunn

    Sergeant Cassandra 'Cassy' St. John

  • Mitzi Kapture

    Lieutenant Rita Lee 'Sam' Lance

  • Nick Kokotakis

    Detective Michael Price

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  • show Description
  • During this show 3 pairs of detectives - one after the other - makes life very insecure for many criminals in Palm Beach. The show originally aired on CBS as part of their late night after prime time viewing with a few other shows. I believe that was for all of season 1 and 2 then was picked up by USA. There were 3 sets of stars through out the series, but the first 4 to 5 years was story of Rita and Chris. Then there was the bad recasting for a season or less. Then we got Cassie and Tom. There were two very stable sets of the partners.moreless

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  • Quotes (10)

    • Chris: I checked you out and found that your operation has more leaks than a urologist convention.

    • Captain: I'm going to get you out before you get killed. Chris: Too much paperwork, Lieutenant?

    • Detective Rita Lee Lance: Donovan's gonna throw a fit. Captain Harry Lipschitz: I heard that! He does, you send him to me. I'll give him a "Lipschitz" fit.

    • Captain Harry Lipschitz: Look... look, you owe me! Detective Chris Lorenzo: For what? Captain Harry Lipschitz: I don't know, but it was worth a shot.

    • After having had sex with and killed Roland Ballantine, Eve enters her apartment and finds Junior on her bed, drinking and smoking.

      Junior: was my father?

      Eve: Fine, just fine. I left him with a smile on his face.

      Junior: Does it turn you on? Doing it with me and my father?

      Eve: You bet.

      Junior: You bitch. [Grabs her by her blouse and makes love to her.]

    • Chris: [to Rita, in reference to the number of male callers Eve's landlady noticed going in and out of Eve's apartment] ...If men were ships, Eve would be the Panama Canal.

    • Roland: You know, Eve, I'll let you in on a little secret. Junior rarely treats us to such charming company.

      Eve: Oh, I can't imagine Junior being hard-up for dates.

      Roland: Junior? Hell, no. He's wildly popular. What with the way he spends money, why shouldn't he be? Spend, spend, and pop will lend. You know, Junior has a secret for being rich: being born into the right family.

      Junior: Do you have to talk about money?

      Roland: What do you want to talk about? Your career?

      Junior: You know, money legitimizes everything, doesn't it? Even bastards like you.


      Roland Wylie--put on some music.

      Wylie: Yes, Mr. Ballantine.

      Roland: [to Eve] Junior tells me you're a dancer.

      Eve: Yes, I dance.

      Roland: me your moves. And maybe I'll show you a few of mine.

      Eve: I'll bet you can.

    • [Eve moaning; takes his left arm and handcuffs his arms to the bed rail)

      Eve: Now…I’m in charge. [Roland chuckles] Let’s see if you can go three straight sets.

      Roland: What are you trying to do, kill me?

      Eve: No, baby. I’m just gonna give you a taste of heaven.

      e [Pants, reaches into her bra and removes amyl nitrate capsule concealed between her breasts]

      Roland: Oh, no. I can’t; my heart. No, no, no.

      Eve: Breathe, baby. Breathe! Yes!

      Roland: God, no! No!

      Eve: Breathe! Yes—yes! Now…give it to me. [screams/pants] Uh, uh, uh! [Sighs]

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    Notes (24)

    • Ben Vereen is a close friend of creator Stephen Cannell, and was able to land the part of "Hutch". He only lasted one season, though, as he left the show to pursue other interests.

    • According to Stephen J. Cannell (the creator of this series and others, like The A-Team), the show didn't have much money to spend on props and designs since they were aired in a late time slot, which meant fewer ad dollars. He decided that he would make the show stand out by using color (since it was cheap) in the form of the outfits the characters would wear. The bright colors worn helped to give Silk Stalkings its distinctive look and style, which became a hit with viewers.

    • 'George Petrie plays " SCOOP " in the series'. This note has been sent to this editor. Due to 'Hard Copy' is another show, and it is not certain if this episode is inspired by that show.

    • Darla Slavens is later known as Darla Haun. Chip Mayer is also known as Christopher Mayer

    • We learn that Donovan was an ADA in Cleveland for 7 years before coming to Palm Beach.

    • Donnie 'Dogs' Dibelco is soon to be changed to Donnie 'Dogs' DiBardo.

    • Rodger Bumpass is the same person as Roger Bumpass

    • Other web-sites mention a character called 'Billy' to be played by Clement Blake. I'm not able to spot him. Other web-sites call Lloyd and daughter Ashmore 'Alton'.

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    Trivia (20)

    • It is revealed that Rita Lee Lance birth name was Fontane and her mother died when giving birth. Her father, Donald Fontane was a wealthy man, but he went broke due to the betrayal of a friend of the family, and when she was 6 years old and he shot himself in the head. Rita was raised by Tom and Sue Lance, a couple who treated her like she was their own and she took their name as her own.

    • Goof: That's some "crackerjack" CSI team they use in Palm Beach. After finding a murder victim in a jacuzzi, they missed a ring that was visible while standing beside it. Lorenzo had to find it later.

    • When Rita is getting wired to go undercover, the mic attached to her collar appears and disappears between camera angles.

    • Goof: Early in the episode when Johnny Rider grabs Cotton by the throat, in the reverse angle you can clearly see his hand in not there.

    • Rob Estes directed this episode. On the "Silk Stalkings" first season DVD, he notes in his commentary that the directors wanted the actors to direct and to know the other side of the camera. Estes also directs another episode later on, as does Mitzi Kapture.

    • When the couples are massaging each other on their own chaise by the pool, Rita tells Chris that Karen is coming; however, Karen is standing in the same place she had been the whole time without having moved but she was watching them.

    • During the "soul search" part of the undercover assignment, Rita and Chris are staring into each other's eyes and told to think of a good, happy time. The video shown of them dressed up in front of a mirror is from their undercover assignment as the Wellmans in the episode Social Call. The video of Rita sticking a pizza in Chris's mouth is from the episode Shock Jock. Then they are told to think of a bad, sad time. The videos are both from the episode In The Name Of Love when Rita was shot.

    • goof: In the first sex scene, there is nothing above the bedstand with the lamp on it. In the second sex scene, there is a wall outlet above the bedstand.

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    Allusions (2)

    • Rita: Gennifer Flowers gets out more than I do. Gennifer Flowers was the first woman to come out as Bill Clinton's mistress during his 1992 Presidental campaign.

    • Coco: I love the smell of liability in the morning; It smells like lawsuits. Reference to Apocolypse Now.

  • Fan Reviews (9)
  • Silk Stalkings was a really fun and sexy show to watch. I still remember when my wife and me first got cable television (instead of antenna) in February 1996, we saw advertisements for it and were trying to find it. Once we did, we watched it a lot.

    By ccrothers, Sep 26, 2008

  • Miss Chris and Rita

    By Cat_1010_2000, Oct 04, 2007

  • Incrediable show I wish they would air once more, I really miss this show.

    By libramoonpie, Sep 17, 2007

  • Guilty pleasure with no regrets... now that's real heat

    By vineethchacko, Aug 29, 2007

  • Not bad.

    By da_dunker, May 03, 2007

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