Silver Spoons

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    TV Land, Why have you not yet added this show?

    By fluffybear, Apr 28, 2010

    If TV Land can add such shows as Roseanne and Full House then why can they not add some fo the true classic shwos of the 1980's. Silver Spoons is just one of many great shows that networks such as TV Land has forgotten about.

    Silver Spoons is just one of those light hearted shows that you can not get enough of. This show starred Joel Higgins (who is actually best known for writing commercial jingles), Erin Gray (probably the sexest lady on TV at that time), and a very young Rick Schroder just to name of a few. .moreless

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    A typical eighties treasure

    By KCCopperhead, Jul 09, 2005

    Silver Spoons served as a cute and interesting comedy. Alfonso Ribero and Jason Bateman complemented Schroeder very well. I loved Ricky's adventures with girls he liked and who liked him, all the routines with the toys and just the overall fun flavor of this sitcom. I was watching this show when the Northern California Loma Prieta earthquake of 1989 took place.

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