Silver Surfer

FOX (ended 1998)
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  • When the planet of Zenn-La comes under attack by Galactus, a cosmic entity obsessed with satisfying his undying hunger by consuming planets abundant with life, a man known as Norrin Radd bargains to stop him. He offers to help find planets fit for consumption yet not containing life. Galactus accepts the offer and empowers him with the power cosmic, as well as removing the memories of his humanity, thus creating the Silver Surfer. The Surfer serves as the faithful servant to Galactus until a confrontation with the evil Thanos awakens his memories of his home planet and his love Shalla Bal. After defending Earth from Galactus, the Surfer is allowed to go out on his own only to discover that an angry Galactus has moved Zenn-La into an unknown area of space. Now facing isolation, hatred from those whose planets he helped destroy, and an ever-present threat from Galactus, the Silver Surfer roams through space seeking out his home and helping those he meets along the way. Silver Surfer had aired on Saturdays on Fox Kids. It only lasted one season with 13 episodes. A second season was planned, with 8 episodes already written, but was canceled because of bankruptcy.moreless

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  • S 2 : Ep 8

    Down to Earth (3)


  • S 2 : Ep 7

    Down to Earth (2)


  • S 2 : Ep 6

    Down to Earth (1)


  • S 2 : Ep 5

    The Hunger


  • S 2 : Ep 4



  • Cast & Crew
  • Jennifer Dale


  • Colin Fox

    The Watcher / Uatu

  • Cedric Smith


  • Paul Essiembre

    Silver Surfer / Norrin Radd

  • James Blendick


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  • Quotes (17)

    • Norrin Radd: (About Husseri and Kalek) If these are the peaceful members of their races, I would hate to meet the warlike ones!

    • Norrin Radd: How can I become Master of Zenn-La, Shalla Bal, when I can not even be master over myself?

    • The Watcher: I am the Watcher. It is my task to note all events of significance in this part of the cosmos. Only to note them...and never interfere. This task brings me great joy...and great sorrow.

    • The Silver Surfer: Galactus! There will be a reckoning. I will regain my soul!

    • The Silver Surfer: Time after time, I have born witness to wanderers forced from their homes. Yet never does the sight cease to be a bitter one.

    • The Watcher: Norrin Radd is no more. In his stead a new being searches the cosmos. In his stead soars the Silver Surfer.

    • Silver Surfer: I seem to be making a habit of falling out of your world's sky. Frankie: Maybe there's a twelve-step program for that!

    • The Silver Surfer: Galactus, our baragin is over. You have decieved me and I serve you no more. I will stop your carnage even if it costs me my life!

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    Notes (18)

    • In the comics, Ego was a villainous character, a far cry from the benevolent being depicted here.

    • Thanos is shown to be infatuated with a being called Lady Chaos. In the comics, he was in love with the personification of Death.

    • The series combined computer animation (particularly for scenes of space) with traditional animation; the Silver Surfer in particular has a very Kirby-esque appearance.

    • If you look carefully during the scene showing the destruction of earth in various parts of the world, "Crime Central" from Spider-Man (1994) is shown briefly.

    • Eternity and Infinity are introduced.

    • Aron Tager (Master of Zenn-La) played the M.C. in the bar in Canada where we meet Wolverine in "X-Men" (2000).

    • Nova (Richard Ryder, not Frankie Raye) is in Nebula's crew.

    • Thanos mentions that he and Mentor are brothers. In the comics, Mentor was Thanos' father.

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    Trivia (6)

    • Character debuts: Silver Surfer, Watcher, Nebula, Galactus, Shalla-Bal, Master of Zenn-La, Kalek, Husseri

    • Among the characters seen in the crowd during Silver Surfer's trial are Ronan The Accuser (of the Kree) and Torgo (from the planet Mekka).

    • When Adam Warlock is talking to the Silver Surfer, his right chin horn is missing.

    • The Supreme Intelligence is colored red. In the comics, he was green.

    • The warriors that destroy Adam's Warlock's civilization are based on the Magus, Adam Warlock's evil doppelganger.

    • When Norrin-Rad is back in the hologram of Zenn-La, we are clrealy able to see the Kree captain and Skrull commander from the very first episode before the Silver Surfer becomes Galactus's Herald. However, in that episode, both Kree and Skrull die in battle against Galactus. Shouldn't that have been an indicator that something wasn't right to Norrin-Rad, immeditely?

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    Allusions (4)

    • Title: The Planet of Dr. Moreau This title is a reference to the sci-fi classic novel The Island of Dr. Moreau written by H.G. Wells. The novel was about an island where a mad scientist attempted to turn animals into humans. The novel has been adapted to the screen a handful of times.

    • Title: Second Foundation The title comes from the third novel in Isaac Asimov's classic Foundation series, involving a secret enclave designed to bring civilization to a savage, chaotic galaxy.

    • Title: The Forever War. The title comes from a Joe Haldeman novel about a man conscripted into an interstellar war.

    • Title: The End of Eternity The title comes from an Isaac Asimov novel about an organization called Eternity which tries to manipulate events from outside time to preserve what they thought of as the best course.

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  • Anyone who would like to read the scripts for season 2 should visit For some reason the site that i gave you is messed up in this review just dellete the spaces

    By Acerulez, Apr 28, 2007

  • Like to say i was totally crushed by this show being pulled!I had waited on this all my life.It was cerebral, action packed,totally interesting!I will tell you the masses loved it!The old guard hardcore 60s-90s Marvel/comics lovers WANT IT BACK NOW!

    By mrdeomed, Oct 25, 2006

  • A wonderful and great show!

    By Zealwing, Oct 09, 2006

  • A grandiose story about cosmic beings and gods...

    By Proteus710, Feb 24, 2006

  • "Silver Surfer"

    By MAC333, Dec 16, 2005