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Quotes (8)

  • (transformation phrase)
    Mon-Star: Moonstar of Limbo; give me the Might, the Muscle, the Menace of Mon-Star!

  • (Upon meeting Commander Stargazer)
    Steelheart: Put it there Commander.
    (Steelheart extends hand to shake)
    Stargazer(refusing): Forget it, I’ve read your file.

  • Quicksilver: You’ve got it all wrong Darkbird, it's our human qualities that give us courage, endurance, the power to tell right from wrong…

  • (referring to the recent robbery on Dollare)
    Stargazer: Quicksilver, they think you did it.
    Bluegrass: Heck Commander, that’s as likely as Mon-Star organizing a clam bake.

  • Bluegrass (singing): I’ve got those moonstruck, hardluck, turn around and let you down bluessss…

  • Mon-Star: The SilverHawks will be nothing but a bunch of glorified spare parts! After I’ve used the disintegrator on them they’ll be Silver-Scraps!

  • Fence Bar Thug: This is dangerous territory for a solo SilverHawk. Better get out, while you can.
    Quicksilver: Not til I get what I came for: all Commander Stargazer’s memories.
    Fence Bar Thug: Hahahaha, Tough guy huh. What’s the matter SilverHawk, don’t you like living?!
    (Fight ensues)

  • Hotwing: Muscles are Marvelous. Brains are Better.

Notes (8)

  • In the original broadcast, there was a short scene while the SilverHawks were still on Earth. Stealheart and Steelwill show off their cyborg muscle while loading the shuttle. This scene was cut when the pilot was broken into Origin Story and Journey to Limbo.

  • Most of the voice cast for SilverHawks also worked on another Rankin/Bass show The Thundercats, including:
    Robert McFadden as Snarf / Slythe
    Earl Hammond as Mumm-Ra / Jaga
    Peter Newman as Tygra / Wilykat
    Larry Kenney as Lion-O
    Doug Preis as Lynx-O

  • Yessman, and Steelwill are voiced by another actor in this episode. (If you have any info on this please PM the Editor).

  • Steelwill does not appear in this episode.

  • First Appearance: Vol-Ture, Mo-Lec-U-Lar's satellite hawk.

  • First Appearance: Flashback

  • First appearance of Condor and Moonstryker.

  • First appearance of Tailspin, Moonstryker's fighting hawk.

Trivia (30)

  • According to Commander Stargazer the year is 2839

  • Bluegrass holds the rank of Colonel, and Quicksilver, Lieutenant.

  • The twins, Steelheart and Steelwill have some telepathic / empathic ability. When one feels something extreme so does the other.

  • When bringing up the information on the SilverHawks, the General puts what looks like a CD or DVD into the computer.

  • In an extended sequence before the opening credits the series plot is summarized. In this summary, but not addressed in the actual episode, we see the first appearance of the villains Yessman, Buzz-saw, Pokerface as well as the heroic spy satellite and interceptor Tally-Hawk

  • First Appearance: Commander Stargazer, Mon-Star, Sky-runner, Mo-lec-u-lar, Melodia, Mumbo Jumbo, Hardware, Windhammer, Quicksilver, Steelheart, Steelwill, The Copper-Kidd, and Bluegrass

  • During the modification into SilverHawks both Steelheart and Steelwill's organic hearts had to be replaced with mechanical ones.

  • Steelheart holds the rank of Sergeant.

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Allusions (3)

  • Seymour’s character is patterned after the stereotypical New York cab driver.

  • Seymour: I’m a driver, not a mechanic, you know what I mean?
    This is an allusion to Star Trek’s Dr. McCoy; and his regular declaration that he was ‘a doctor, not a blank’.

  • The episode title refers to the Pythagorean spiritual and mathematical concept that the planets and their orbital dance around our Earth (in the geocentric universe model from when the term originated) form a kind of beautiful mathematical music. It is often credited in support for Intelligent Design theory.