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Quotes (42)

  • Cecilia Simon: This trouble you're in, is either one of them responsible? Carolyn Perry: No. Cecilia Simon: Then don't you worry. My boys will take care of it for you.

  • Rick Simon: Look, we gotta have somebody stateside waiting there to pick us up when we get back. A.J. Simon: (comprehension dawns) Oh, no. Rick Simon: You're gonna have to do it. A.J. Simon: Oh, come on. Why do I have to do it? Rick Simon: Because she likes you better. A.J. Simon: Oh, that's nonsense. Rick Simon: That is not nonsense. She always has and she always will A.J. Simon: Come on, Rick. You were paranoid when you were ten, you're paranoid now. Rick Simon: A.J., get your butt in there! A.J. Simon: (on the phone in the bar) Hi, Mom.

  • (Rick wonders if A.J. showed Mrs. Porter the pictures they took of her husband.) Rick Simon: Did you give her the pictures? A.J. Simon: No, I didn't. Rick Simon: Oh, you've got a kind heart. A.J. Simon: I know. Sometimes I wonder if I'm really your brother. Rick Simon: Well, according to Mom, you're not.

  • Myron Fowler: (regarding Rick and A.J.) Sweetheart, they take you seriously because there's just one thing they want from you. Janet Fowler: (fondly) Yeah, I know. Aren't they cute?

  • (A.J. flashes Ann McDaniels a badge to get inside the house.) Rick Simon: Where did you get that? A.J. Simon: Dime store.

  • (Rick kisses Cecilia after dinner on his way out the door.) Cecilia Simon: Take your hat off when you kiss a lady.

  • Rick Simon: Is there any more gravy, Mom? Cecilia Simon: Do you still remember the way to the kitchen?

  • A.J. Simon: Don't bother getting up, Mom. We'll do the dishes tonight. Rick Simon: (surprised) We will?

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Notes (72)

  • Although their pictures do not appear in the opening credits, Jeannie Wilson, Mary Carver and Eddie Barth are also listed as starring in the series, with their names being listed in each episode after the title displays on screen, and before the guest stars are listed.

  • The opening theme for this episode included a number of shots of the two brothers, with each one being identified by their surname in a shot before the 'Simon & Simon' logo came up. This was the only episode to use that opening.

  • This episode aired in the UK on the ITV contractor Thames Television at 11.30pm on Tuesday 19 July 1983.

  • This episode featured a different opening sequence than the first episode of the series, which included scenes of the brothers sitting on a park bench looking through binoculars.

  • In syndicated broadcasts of this episode, whenever a closeup of the Simon & Simon business card is shown, the phone number is blurred out. This is because the episode predates Ma Bell's setting aside the 555 prefix as unused. The 555 prefix is not assigned to any private customers in any area code so that phone numbers mentioned in a movie or TV episode will not inadvertently generate annoying calls. Currently, the only legitimate number is 555-1212, which connects to directory assistance in any US or Canadian area code.

  • Special billing was given to Robbie Rist (Special Guest Star) in this episode.

  • Special billing was given to Nicolas Coster (Special Guest Star) in this episode.

  • Special billing was given to Louise Sorel (Special Guest Star) in this episode.

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Trivia (59)

  • Rick is fluent in Spanish.

  • Myron Fowler trained A.J. Simon, and was upset when A.J. struck out on his own and took some of Myron's clients with him.

  • A.J. uses the alias of 'Wickersham' while questioning Joey Marcotte.

  • Rick leaves his Simon & Simon (Confidential Investigations, Reasonable Rates) business card on Christy's windshield which includes his full name, Richard Simon, and phone number, (714) 555-2895, in the text on the front, and a hand-written message on the back stating his address as 4200 Casa Bonita, San Diego, Slip 18.

  • The house which served as Frye's home was also used in the Season 2 episode " Rough Rider Rides Again ".

  • Dianne's mother is Cecilia's sister.

  • Rick has been on the FBI's naughty list since 1976 when he handcuffed himself to the front door of the Veteran's Administration.

  • The Simons advertistment in the yellow pages lists Simon & Simon as performing Confidential Investigations at Reasonable Rates and lists first Richard Simon then Andrew Jackson Simon. Their address is given as 222 Mission Laguna, San Diego, and their telephone number as (714) 555-2895.

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Allusions (13)

  • Rick Simon: Okay, we'll get back to you. Details at eleven. For many years, the phrase 'details at eleven' was used during television shows when showing sneak peeks of that night's evening news which, on most stations, runs at 11:00 PM.

  • The restaurant the Simons flee from toward the end of the episode is named Villa DeGuere. Philip DeGuere is the creator of the series and Executive Producer.

  • Mrs. Mitchell: I haven't had this kind of excitement since Barnaby Jones went off the air. This is a reference to the TV series Barnaby Jones (1973-80) which starred Buddy Ebsen as a private investigator who came out of retirement to catch his son's killer. He decided to continue working with the help of his daughter-in-law and later a cousin portrayed by Lee Meriwether and Mark Shera.

  • Rick Simon: Who are you, Jack Webb? When Campbell (John Schuck, formerly of McMillan and Wife) asks Rick for ID as Rick is pretending to be a civil servant measuring his office, Rick responds by asking him if he is Jack Webb. Webb is one of the most well-known TV icons of the 1950s, and played Joe Friday in the original Dragnet.

  • Cecilia: And how did they rope you into the Time Tunnel? This is a reference to the short lived TV series, The Time Tunnel (1966). It starred James Darren and Robert Colbert as two scientists who become trapped in time while working on a government project that would allow people to visit any place in the past or future.

  • Max: I'm working for U.N.C.L.E., okay, and let's just leave it at that. The Man from U.N.C.L.E. was an action/adventure series in the sixties where good agents working for U.N.C.L.E. often battled the evil forces of T.H.R.U.S.H.

  • Ghostbusters (1984) A Ghostbusters poster can be seen in the window of the comic book store. It's best visible at the end of the scene as they go inside (as Rick blocks it while they're talking outside). When they come out of the store, in the background through the window, you can see a small Ghostbusters logo on a white square background hanging on the wall of the store.

  • Purple Rain (1984) A Purple Rain poster can be seen in the window of the comic book store.

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