Six Feet Under

Everyone's Waiting

Season 5, Ep 12, Aired 8/21/05
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  • Episode Description
  • The drama about a Los Angeles funeral home meets its maker after five compelling seasons. Three weeks ago, Nate Fisher Jr.’s death ended speculation about which of the show’s major characters would die. But in the hands of creator Alan Ball, who wrote and directed this episode, you can bet the finale will be anything but anticlimactic. One issue certain to be resolved involves the health of Nate’s unborn child, since tonight, Brenda goes into labor. While the last two seasons have been downbeat, the writing has remained original, the acting terrific. Like Nate, the series will be missed.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Alan Ball

  • Frances Conroy

    Ruth Fisher

  • Freddy Rodriguez

    Federico Diaz

  • James Cromwell

    George Sibley (episode 40+, recurring previously)

  • Justina Machado

    Vanessa Diaz

  • Fan Reviews (64)
  • A Proper Burial

    By thegreat_matsby, Mar 02, 2014

  • You can't take a photo of this, it's already gone.

    By callumhamacek, May 25, 2013

  • I haven't cried that hard in years.

    By AndrewCEnright, Oct 31, 2012

  • i have no words

    By BrianK3, Dec 22, 2009

  • Absolutely stunning finale

    By DukeOfTed, Apr 08, 2010

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (7)

    • Ruth: If my experience is anything to go by, motherhood is the loneliest thing in the world. Nathaniel wasn't even here when Nate was born. He was still in Vietnam. Even when he came home and David was born. And having terrible asthma, Nathaniel was never really here for me. Whether it was the war or just him, I don't think I'll ever know. Brenda: You know Nate and I were. Ruth: I know, I know. I know he loved you the very best he could. And I know you needed more. So did I. And I hope and pray that you put everything. Everything behind us and let me help you, because I know you're gonna need it. Brenda: Thank you. I will need it. I do need it.

    • Nate: Claire, you wanna know a secret? I spent my whole life being scared. Scared of not being ready, of not being right, of not being who I should be. And where did it get me?

    • George Sibley: [Making a toast] To Nate. David: To Nate. Bettina: To Nate. Claire: To Nate. Keith Charles: To Nate. Ruth: To my firstborn. Anthony: To Uncle Nate. Durrell: Yeah, to Uncle Nate. Brenda: [to Maya] Can you say "To Daddy"? Maya: To Daddy! Brenda: To Nate. Raises Glass

    • Claire: It's just I'm eating fruit salad in bed with a naked frat boy who voted for George Bush.

    • Nathaniel: So you’re really going to sell your legacy? Your birthright? David: Yeah. And good riddance Nathaniel: I can’t say I’m surprised. You never had it in you. David: Neither did you. The only way you could handle it was to have a secret room over a really bad Indian restaurant.

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    Notes (5)

    • The episode won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup for a Series, Miniseries, Movie or a Special.

    • Featured Music "Empty Spaces" by Lifehouse "Sur Le Pont D'Avignon" performed by Peter Macdissi (Olivier) "Avolta" by Arsenal "Take Me In Your Arms" (Rock Me A Little While) by Kim Weston "Doctor My Eyes" by Jackson Browne "Always Worth It" by Sarah Blasko "I Changed My Mind" (Stereo MC's Rattlesnake Remix) by Lyrics Born "What'll I Do" by Nat King Cole "I Just Want To Celebrate (Mocean Worker Remix)" by Rare Earth "Breathe Me" by Sia Furler

    • Ruth is watching "Just Shoot Me" on TV when George walks in.

    • The glimpses into the future: 2005: Ruth (59) and Bettina plays with a yard-full of dogs. Evidentially Ruth gets her doggie daycare idea off the ground. 2005: David (36) explains the embalming process to Durrell (11). 2006: The family celebrates Willa’s first birthday. Attendants are Brenda (37), Maya (3), Ruth (60), George, Margaret, Olivier, Billy (with a puppy!), David (37), Keith (38), Anthony (8), Durrell (12). 2009?: David (40) and Keith (41) tie the knot. Anthony (11) and Durrell (15) are best men. Father Jack performs the ceremony. Guests include Brenda (40, pregnant with her third child), Maya (6), Willa (4), Brenda’s new husband, Rico (35), Vanessa, Ruth (63), and George. Claire (26) takes photos. (According to Entertainment Weekly’s “No Small ‘Feet’” column, Brenda’s new baby is named Forrest, and her husband is Daniel Nathanson.) 2025: Ruth (79) dies in a hospital bed with Claire (42), David (56), and George by her side. Before she passes, Nathaniel and Nate appear to her. 2025: Ruth’s funeral. Attendants include Claire, George, Keith (57), and David. The man at the grave with David is Durrell (31); the man sitting to Keith’s left is Anthony (27). The woman sitting to George’s right could be Maya (22). Ted shows up to meet Claire. (Note that the same actor who plays Adult Anthony can be seen sitting behind Maya in the clip from 2009.) 2029: Keith (61) drives an armored truck for his own company, Charles Security. He unloads the back and thieves shoot him to death. 2030?: Claire (47) and Ted marry. Guests include David (61); Anthony (32) and his boyfriend/husband; Durrell (36), his son, and pregnant wife; Brenda (61), Daniel, and Forrest (21). 2044: A huge family gathering. Claire (61) and Brenda (75) talk at a picnic table. David (75) sits with his boyfriend (again, according to EW) and watches a family football game. Keith appears to David, and he dies. 2049: Rico (75) on a cruise with Vanessa. He gets off his deckchair and heads for the door, but has a heartattack and dies. 2051: Billy pontificates to Brenda (82) as she dies of ennui. 2085: Claire (102) dies in bed with a nurse nearby. Her eyes are clouded with glaucoma. Photographs on the wall include George and Ruth (2005?); Ruth and Bettina (2005?); Brenda, Maya, Willa, and Daniel at David’s wedding (2009); Nate from Claire’s collage-mask series (2004); David and Keith (2020?); Nate and Brenda from the wedding series (2005); Maya (2005?); Claire and Ted at their wedding (2030?); and Ted in bed from earlier in the episode (2005).

    • The song in the end of the episode is : "Breathe Me" from the singer "Sia"

    Trivia (1)

    • In David and Keith's wedding scene, several of the show writers can be seen sitting among the wedding guests.

    Allusions (1)

    • The title refers to the song "Waiting" by The Devlins which is played at the end of the pilot. The phrase was also uttered by Nate when he addressed Claire in the final ten minutes of the finale.

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