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  • 8.0

    Not bad

    By thequietvoice, Jun 27, 2013

    Despite all the hype I've heard about this show the pilot didn't blow me away. It was good, establishing the characters, the tone of the family, etc. but nothing stood out to me too much. I got a feel for all of the characters' personalities which I guess what is most important. Hoping it will pick up and amaze me as much as the last show I watched did!

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  • 8.6

    A fantastic opening to a new series. Funny, dramatic and raw.

    By michael_LB92, Oct 19, 2011

    When I first saw this episode, I was suprised by how great it was. It was a fantastic mixture of humour and drama - and each Fishers' different reaction to Nathaniel's death was brilliantly handled by all characters.

    The acting was some of the best I have ever seen on TV. I love how the episode didn't make you comfortable, but you actually felt like you were there. I found the mother Fisher, Ruth, freakishly weird. It was amusing and disturbing at the same time. A character that particularly got under my skin, and still does 6 episodes later, was David. Something about him irritates me. I'm still a little undecided about Nate. But my favourite character would probably have to be Claire. I thought she was hilarious, and I can probably relate to her the most out of all of them, being a teenager and the youngest in my family.

    Anyway, a fantastic show opener. Well worth checking out if you are into dark comedys. =)moreless

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  • 9.0

    The pilot episode

    By JaCkKbAuEr2424, Jun 06, 2011

    When you think of a list of the most dysfunctional families in the history of television and cinema, Alan Ball has made sure that we will not forget the Fisher family. I just got done writing some reviews for Arrested Development, and while these two shows are completely different from each other, they are both shows that establish the traits and quirks of their characters very well in the first episode. By the end of the first hour of "Six Feet Under," I feel like every member of the Fisher family has a well-explored background, one that leaves plenty of room for growing. Even the father who dies in the opening minutes has plenty of scenes!

    Perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself. The show itself seems to focus on the Fisher family, a family that owns and runs a funeral parlor. The story begins when the father, in the opening scene shortly after he buys a new hearse for the company, is rund own by a bus and killed. Him and his wife (the two characters are played by Richard Jenkins and Frances Conroy respectively) have three kids: Nate (Peter Krause, isolated from the family), David (Michael C. Hall in his first big pre-Dexter role) and Claire (Lauren Ambrose). The pilot episode is all about the family preparing to say goodbye to their father/husband and learn how to move on.

    Death circles the entire episode and the show itself, and Alan Ball does a great job of tying it into the writing. And I have to say, Alan Ball does a good job here in creating a voice for each character. It's nice when you can watch a show and have the character's interactions with each other seem fresh and familiar, even if we've never seen them to talk with each other before. And the acting? Superb. Every actor does a great job here, and despite me not being well-versed in the show, I can already tell we're going to get some great scenes from these actors. I mean, whether it's Peter Krause freaking out at his father's funeral, Michael C. Hall trying to hide from everyone that he's gay Frances Conroy's Ruth admitting her infidelities or Claire Fisher freaking out in a grocery store, it seems like each and every one of these characters is well-written, as if Alan Ball knows exactly where he wants these people to go from Point A to Point B.

    Much like "American Beauty," the pilot episode does a great job of luring us into a difficult situation and using dark humor, good writing and good acting to keep us lured in.moreless

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    Pilot episode.

    By Canogaparkcindy, May 30, 2011

    A superb start to the HBO series, "Six Feet Under." This was one of the best pilots I have ever seen. We got a great feel from all the characters and we got to delve in to the lives of the unusual Fischer family who run a mortuary business.

    We've got some great acting, intriguing characters, and a hell of a premise. Not to mention the brilliant writing. An unusual premise with promise. HBO and other premium channels like Showtime never fail to impress viewers with intriguing and original shows like "Big Love", "United States of Tara", and critically acclaimed: "The Wire"

    This show is no different with this amazing pilot. A lot of dark humor here, which I found myself laughing through, all throughout the episode. A great balance of comedy & drama, as how we can have a mental breakdown from a character, to some funny remark or reference.

    The characters, all of them, I instantly fell in love with, brilliant acting from Michael C. Hall & Lauren Ambrose, it's not a shocker that these actors and this show in general got so many awards. Will tune in for the next episode, we've got something really good here.moreless

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  • 7.0

    We put the 'fun' back in funeral!

    By Makiki_89, Oct 21, 2010

    After hearing a lot about this show, I really have to say that this Pilot episode was...dissapointing.

    This was all just a little *too* weird for me. With the the sex on the airport, the very, very strenge reactions from everyone to the death of their dad/husband, the gay-David, the high-Claire, and what more. This episode was stuffed with great writing, but it just didn't really hit me. I could see that it was good ( I mean, who can come up with this? ) but just not interesting enough for me.

    I thought that Claire was very funny :):) Hihi, she was just weird, and her reactions to the drug was just great :P The body-cutter (forgot his naem ) was just brilliant too, with his little son :P Oh yeah, and he's cute ;)

    I kinda liked al the other characters too, but once again they didn't really interest me. Nathan ids cute with Brenda, but his whole story and the reaction to his father's dead was kinda boring. Sorry, but it was for me. Same with the mother. And David is a little too uptight. He's obviously supposed to be just that, but it bothered me a bit.

    It's not like I hated this episode, I really didn't. It's just that my expectations were really high, and this pilot didnt live up to it. It was funny, and well-written and it has some good characters, but it didn't really came out this time. Guess I'll have to see, if it comes out later ;)moreless

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  • 8.5

    Unusual family business...

    By PabloExobar, Jul 12, 2008

    2 years ago, I decided that I need to start watching this show. But something always stopped me from doing it. However, a few months ago, a good tv.com friend of mine, cavanagh15 made the last final push by recommending me this show.

    So I blindly bought the complete series box set(which by the way is amazing) and gave the pilot a go.

    I'm satisfied. I like the looks of the show, and while the pilot didn't make me as enthusiastic as some other show's pilots, it definitely confirmed it to me that i'm going to love this show.

    I didn't really know much about the show, but still, I totally predicted what would be the plot of the pilot episode. Still, it was surprising, and well executed. The pilot episode is structured in a very regular, traditional way, which may be why it doesn't earn a superb score. But no way was the quality traditional; just the structure.

    Lot of pilot episodes fail because they are too dry... mostly because most shows start with character development, even before we even care about the characters.

    SFU pretty much does the same but the very unique, bizarre atmosphere, and truly interesting characters make it nothing but "dry".

    The two best assets of the show are, obviously, the Fisher "boys", Nate and David. I have hard time deciding who I liked better in this episode, they both proved to be amazing, but I'll go with David for now as I think he has a bit more depth.

    Another great thing is the atmoshpere, as I mentioned it earlier. The fact that the whole show is dealing with death is just really creepy. And the way it does it -- even creepier. While I know this is mainly a drama, even the pilot episode had some laughable moments, and I'm sure there's even more in store for later episodes. Not so much funny, but bizarre. I think that's the right word.

    Other than the episode having the traditional structure I thought there were some minor issues too.

    I don't like Brenda's character at all, she just seems awfully forced... this could change quick, but in the pilot, she seemed like an plot device to make Nate's character a bit more complex, as all she did was make absolutely silly comments about him. I also think Claire was a little overdone in the episode. I know the point was to show grief and really, just a huge range of emotions, but it just felt as if her screentime stole other's screentime. Other, better character's. Though, the fact that she was high when she heard the bad news was a great dramatic device. All considered, this is definitely a show that is true to the HBO standards. Really slow paced, really deep, and has high quality written all over it.

    The acting was superb, especially by Michael C. Hall and Peter Krause. Alan Ball did an impressive job directing, and the writing was good too. 8.5moreless

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  • 8.7

    Great Pilot!

    By Cenina, Jul 06, 2008

    From this pilot episode, Six feet under seems to be a really amazing show. The weird family we meet let you think that a lot of funny and great things will happen in the future. Characters are outlined in a very interesting way, and the idea you immediately have about them is that they will disclose secrets and interesting facts about their life. The hilarious thing, that I'm sure will lead to big laughs, is the family company, funeral business. What comes out from it is a sort of dark humour that may confuse you in the fisrt place because you don't still know what the show talks really about. Eventually you will love this darkness!moreless

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  • 10

    Pilot episode

    By Simdroplets, Sep 12, 2006

    Of course now that the show has gone off the air, I finally get on the bandwagon. I've caught the fever of going to Blockbuster to catch up on TV shows now on DVD, and this week, I've picked Six Feet Under. So now I can go and read the reviews of each episode as I make it through this dismal drama about a family of undertakers, and I must admit, the pilot did grab me, now I'm on to Episode 2, and may just keep my Blockbuster habit going with this show, as I've got five seasons to blast through. My only disappointment with the show so far is finding out that the funeral home supply commercials ended after the pilot. I thought they added a hilarious spin to the otherwise dreary subject matter, and was sad to not see them in Episode 2 and evidently never to see them again. So okay, they were just a feature of the pilot, I must move on, it's not going to make me stop watching the show. But if the producers had asked my opinion six years ago or whenever the show began, I woulda said to stick with the commercials. I liked them.moreless

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  • 10

    The Fishers own and run a funeral home, but how will they cope with a death of their own when the father Nathaniel Fisher is killed...?

    By Oh_Dae_Su, Aug 20, 2006

    This show didn't grab me instantly the first time I watched it, taking a while into the first series before I grew to love it. But watching this episode again, I'm surprised it didn't suck me in sooner. Pure and simple, it's the finest pilot for a show I've ever watched, brilliantly setting up the characters I came to know and love with great acting and some killer lines of dialogue. The mini adverts for funeral products (which wouldn't carry on to the rest of the series) are a real treat, and of course there's the bizarre flights into the characters' imaginations which we've come to know, love, expect, but always be surprised by.

    Great stuff.moreless

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