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    By Canogaparkcindy, Nov 25, 2011

    Things are heating up for Six Feet Under, the story lines are coming to a boil, and as a penultimate episode, it was definitely a success. Will we ever find out what happened to Lisa? I liked seeing the different scenarios. And I really want to know, but who knows, it could remain a mystery? Hopefully not. We got a lot more emotional scenes here what with Nate dealing with his wife missing.

    Brenda walking back in to Nate's life. Anne Dudek's character who he had sex with. You really feel for Nate here, his breakdown when he was running was handled fantastically. Claire gets an abortion. Probably for the better in terms of the show. You know when there's two pregnancies on the show, it may have already jumped the shark. So glad to know this story line was cut short.

    The Brenda & Claire scenes were great. David cheating on Kieth and then breaking up with him: I knew this season would be the demise of their relationship. The final scene was heartbreaking, however, the Ruth & George scenes bored me. I would have liked to see George just be a friend on an intellectual level. Now they're going to get married? Overall, great penultimate episode.moreless

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    I love this show! If the finale is anything like the last few episodes, we won't be disappointed.

    By stewie1423, Oct 27, 2011

    Another amazing episode of Six Feet Under. Lisa being missing and how it effecting everyone, continues to be extremely engrossing. Just watching Nate is quite nerve wracking, it is still so sad to see this happen to him. I liked how he kept thinking of how she was killed, how she vanished, just made me think more. Him sleeping with the girl who's dad was executed was ... at first, I thought it was one of the things he imagines but no .. at least we know why.

    Claire's abortion was again, very believable, I liked how she and Brenda bonded over it, got to talk about Lisa and about Brenda's feelings for Nate. It's about time David stood up to Keith (Without having sex with him after - season 2!) This will hopefully open Keith's eyes to what he is doing and how he can fix it.

    Now, the Ruth/George relationship, yes it was fast, but it still looks real. It shows it very well, how they get on, bond, have things in common. George telling Ruth about each of his wives was a great scene, I just feel happy for Ruth.

    So we have one episode left and to be honest, I can't wait! Season 3 has been just brilliant, more than I expected.moreless

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    By PabloExobar, Oct 27, 2011

    Good episode, but as a below reviewer said I'm a bit disappointed that the show doesn't even try to deal with death anymore.

    However of course the character drama aspect is still good but, the atmosphere that the dealing with dead gave us is greatly missed by me. Apart from this one minor issue I had with the episode is how sudden certain things were. For example Ruth and James Cromwell's character already sleeping together and having fun? It was weird.

    Also, Claire's storyline could've been more dramatic if the writers let the whole abortion plot develop a little more. But nonetheless it was still good, especially with Brenda helping her.

    Nate is getting more and more depressed as minutes go by as Lisa is still missing. I'm not sure where this will lead to, hopefully it will be revealed in the finale what happenedt o her. Loved Nate's dreams and visions about her. David finally breaks up with KEith, about time. I'm disappointed in Keith, and David is speaking the truth. Keith is just so.... depressing.

    Overall, great episode.moreless

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    is it me or does this show not linger around the subject of death anymore?

    By fallenepitaph, Jul 06, 2006

    Cos you know,thats been like this for most of the season. we watched the lives of these very interesting characters and it was sure fun.They are all so familiar but so unique and everything.but i kinda missed nate talking to the dead people,which he doesnt do since the surgery i guess.i miss the show working its way around some disturbing sentence about death,loss,mortality,but lately they seem to forget or abandon these things.

    Lisa getting lost is a single,but big return to their original intentions i guess.and since i always felt it coming, i never lost hope about six feet under,and it is finished now,i havent watched seasons 4 and 5 but they all tell that they were great.i'll soon watch them,and i am nearly sure that the show will go as my all time favourite.

    the most original scene of the week was claire asking brenda for a ride.just two sentences,totally showed who they both are,their relationship,the way they look at life and, i dont know,sex?Breeding? made my day.moreless

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    Lost in the Shadows

    Carl Desmond Williman


    Written by Craig Wright

    Directed by Kathy Bates

    By DFisher2005, Sep 24, 2005

    "I'm not a chance Nate, I'm a person"--Lisa

    In some ways this episode really got to me probably being one of the most emotional hours of the series that really had a lot going on in it. "Twilight" is the probably one of the most well written pieces of the series and the way it is set out is so haunting and enjoyable to watch that you really have to think. "Are the Fishers an actual family?" They really seem to me at least to be a real portrayal of what a family would be like in the aftermath of someone's departure.

    Nate still eagerly awaits Lisa's call or return home but it seems less and less likely that she is really coming home. Nate then starts having hallucinations of possible scenarios directly pointed towards Lisa. One being Lisa left Nate and was feeling sorry for leaving Maya behind. Another Lisa meeting the death of the week who was a serial killer. And a third, Lisa walking into the beach and never turning back. Since Brenda knows that Nate is going through a difficult time she tries to make him feel better by being a friend to him but Nate pushes her away. After having a calm conversation with the deceased's daughter Nate finds a spark between the two and the following evening make love. The next day after the funeral, Nate tells her that there really is no spark and that she has to leave. Later in the middle of the night, Nate hears someone in the bathroom which he opens to find the ocean where Lisa is peacefully watching. Nate tries to yell to her but she can't hear him. Nate then yells her name which brings us to him in the regular bathroom loudly sobbing.

    Claire is very much alone in this episode. For one, she really doesn't have anyone to talk to about her pregnancy and really wants to keep it quiet so she feels the only thing she can do to keep the secret quiet is to have an abortion. At the clinic interview, the nurse asks if she has a ride which Claire responds "that no one would want to". After witnessing Nate fight with Brenda, Claire asks if she can drive her to the abortion clinic which Brenda happily says yes. While going under "twilight" an anesthetic she sees her mother and Russell who tell her they will take care of her. It's too late since Claire succesfully has the abortion and goes home with Brenda where they talk about Lisa's disappearance and Brenda's feelings about Nate. The next morning Claire tells Nate not to give up on Brenda, she's just concerned.

    David is really getting sick of his relationship with Keith. David finally tells Keith the truth about how he is feeling soon after he sleeps with Patrick from chorus. David returns the next evening where he breaks up with Keith and moves out. Keith begs him not to leave but David has made up his mind.

    Finally, Ruth is really having the time of her life with George Sibley. Her relationship with George is really escape out of the grim reality of Lisa's fate. When she tells David of her relationship over tea, she slips to him that she might be ready to marry again. David advises her to make sure she is comfortable which Ruth tells him she wants to know what it feels like again. George then tells Ruth he's been married prior. A record of six times: two of whom died and four divorced. Ruth asks if they can slow down the marriage plans which George gladly agrees. The two cuddle in bed as George tells her about his past.

    Other important events in "Twilight"...

    *Death of the week: A serial killer is executed in Texas by lethal injection. One of the more disturbing deaths of the series.

    *Federico receives a warning from Angelica to be careful with Vanessa because she will leave if she is not being treated to her satisfaction.

    *George has an apartment in this episode yet after this episode aired the apartment is never seen after.

    *Emotional parts of the episode: Ruth and David's very tender scene in the kitchen, Claire's pre-abortion scene, Nate crying at the end and Nate's fantasies about Lisa.

    *Arthur had only one scene in the episode where he argues of capital punishment with Rico. Since he and Ruth are not a pair anymore it makes sense he is more seen in the workplace then in the residence.

    "Twilight" really prepares us for a great season ender and is a very thrilling and emotional hour. Kudos to writer Craig Wright and Kathy Bates for delivering a "on the edge of my seat" hour of television.moreless

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