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    A lot of Skins

    By baileyfensom, Jul 27, 2014

    I Like Skins, I really do. The colourful characters, the interesting storylines, the great music, and the developpment each of these characters get is impressive. But I can't stop thinking that if the writers focused more on directing the drama and the characters than the surreal-type comedic situations, borderlining on sitcom, then this show would be great. But this show isn't great, it's just good. And worth a watch.

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    Most amazing british show (watched 2 seasons in a day)

    By Sasharose, Feb 01, 2014

    I never thought a show could be so amazing. Season 1-2 was great! All the characters that were on the show in season 1-2 (first generation) are huge movies and shows. I'm currently on season 3-4 I wasn't happy at first that the characters changed but I kept watching because Effy was in generation 1 and I fell in love with her character so I kept watching. I wish they kept going with the show and made people from generation 1 carry on. Currently hooked though.moreless

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    skins good, but what a f'ing pity party

    By codyabarnes9, Jan 30, 2014

    Skins was good the drama was alright at first then waiting for something good to actually come through or work out for one of the characters was nice to see here and there. But I feel writers either go for a family like everything will be ok in the end story or in the case of skins everything is pretty much shit and you feel unresolved by each story line. I'm just saying where's the fine line can't there be good and bad, not just all ending awkwardly n terrible? I mean the show was good for the most part, I just noticed myself, that I stopped paying as much attention cuz I knew the outcomes already, just a bit predictable. The last thing is that I mean come on how many more overly dramatic parts can u make? Yes children are dramatic but after a point you gotta learn something or quit being so damn fucking sad for yourself. Only you make your own problems in life for the most part, I just wish there was a little more positivity to the story line, not so much of the helpless children vibe.moreless

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    Katie Fucking Fitch

    By KungFuFighting2, Oct 05, 2013

    Katie was the best one in the whole Skins!

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    Finally an amazing show not afraid to portray real world and to dive in to character development, versus strictly plot!

    By Wordgirl, Apr 23, 2013

    This show is amazing in that is portrays some of the best and worst points in life for anyone. We see life get increasingly worse, we see these characters get in some major shit, but they pull through. They have an amazingly tight knit group of friends around them, whether they can always see it or not.

    Many people, at least in the disapprove of this show because there is too much explicit sex and swearing, and the show apparently "promotes drugs and hardcore partying" (which I would have to admit is it is essential that these details are part of the story. The characters would never be so real if they were not so gritty. I saw the first episode of the US version and absolutely hated it, because swears were bleeped out which ruined all emotions running through the show, and the clothes were of higher quality and not so real; they were too caught up to the times, while the UK version gave every boy and girl a different look that comfortably fit their character. In the US version they tried to make everyone look good (which is ironic because none of the characters were attractive while in UK Skins they all are). I hated the American version, although I probably will watch a few more episodes to be able to more fairly judge. Back to UK!:

    The first season was absolutely amazing, great highlights even though there was a dark sense to it, the second season was a little less enjoyable, probably because we had to watch their lives unravel worse than before and not always see them rebound. This, however, is a fact of life.. The third season, I was admittedly really upset at the sight of a new cast at first but they grew on me within an episode or two and I still name them my favorite (although it is very close!!). The fourth season, I again found their lives spiraling out of control with no help. This made the show so real, not some dumb show without substance. The fifth season took more adjusting. The new characters were much stranger, whereas the other two generations had been much similar, this series had more diversity. This is the one generation where the second of the two series was better, and where their lives appeared to patch up at the end.

    Have enjoyed every moment of the show, can't wait to see old characters reunite in the seventh season!!

    The character development is truly the best part of this show, and anyone analyzing it for the plot has got it wrong. It is not all about telling a story, because no one person has this much bad stuff happen to them and yes, not every teen does all these drugs. The writers said this in an interview! the plot is there to address many issues, to dive deep in character emotions and heartfelt, real characters.moreless

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    awesome show

    By DaniilGoss, Feb 20, 2013

    This show leaves me wanting to watch more after every episode. One of the few shows that have an emotional pull on me with almost every character. I live in the US and even though it "portrays life as a teen in the UK", I can relate to it in many ways. The writers are great at taking a "holy shit, how am I gonna get myself out of this rut" moment, just when you think all crap hit the fan, and turn it around in a way that leaves you wanting to keep watching episode after episode. The 1st and 3rd season were excellent, the 2nd had it good moments, all in all incredible show that highlights on teen issues and situations we can all learn from. Love it.moreless

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    By Mi1, Jan 12, 2013

    Not sure about how realistic this show actually is, but it paints a refreshing portrait of youth as opposed to the same old teen character types we see on American tv. Definitely more racy then the avg American show but I think it gives it an interesting edge.

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    brit it simple and soooo entertaining

    By deeAde, Jan 03, 2013

    frigging hilarious some reason brit shows seem better than cgi laced,sex themed,guns blazing american shows. Shows like skins, hunted and luther seem like a slow burner but are sooooo good.

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  • 9.5

    I loved season 1-4 ...

    By Darksight, Aug 12, 2012

    I must really say, I fell in love with this show. The endings of an episode are always frankly and you just have to watch the next one. The episodes never get boring. Especially because there are more main characters, and so there are more stories. So there's at least one story, which you would like and so keep on watching it. For me, in season 1-2 it was "Cassie Ainsworth" played by Hannah Murray. Such a cute person (:

    But I fell in deep love with season 3-4. It's very dramatic and the things that happen are nowadays almost average.. but still dramatic

    And especially the lesbian relationship between "Emily Fitch" and "Naomi Campbell" made me stuck to these 2 seasons. Lily Loveless (Naomi) is such a great actress. She really made it look real with these little smiles. And she's too pretty :D

    But almost everything looked so real, it could've been REAL Reality TV.

    I wish they continue season 3+4 one day.. it's too sad it's over. It became my favourite drama show.

    And season 5 sucked bad... I even stopped watching at the 3rd episode, because it bored the crap out of me...moreless

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    Season 1 was the best!Season 2 was OK.

    By heroesfan07, Aug 17, 2011

    Well I dodged the show because I thought it was just a show about teenagers taking E's but it's not.This show is much more the characters are amazing!Cassie,Michelle,Maxxie and Tony are the best.Series one was amazing the storylines and relationships were all funny and dramatic. Maxxie is my overall fave he is soo cute too bad he's gay haha.The first series was amazing and made the show one of my all time faves up there with Veronica Mars,Gilmore Girls and The O.C.But when I bought season 2 and started to watch O was really dissapointed all the storylines where so weird from slow Tony to Maxxie's mum abusing stalker!The season reeled me back in in the last few episodes.I'm looking foward to season 3 I love Effy so it will be great to see more of her.moreless

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