Sledge Hammer!

A Clockwork Hammer

Season 2, Ep 1, Aired 9/17/87
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  • Episode Description
  • Vile Video Concepts conditions cops not to testify against a mobster. Hammer goes undercover, secure in the knowledge he can resist their brainwashing... until he meets a computerized version of himself.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Alan Spencer

  • Sal Viscuso

    Marc Rinsler

  • Anne-Marie Martin

    Officer Dori Doreau

  • Harrison Page

    Captain Trunk

  • Thomas Kane

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  • Quotes (9)

    • Hammer: In all my years on the force, I have never been this disgusted. Doreau: So you heard about it? Hammer: Yeah, I heard about it. Canceling the Policeman's Field Day. It was my turn to get shot out of the cannon.

    • Trunk: This is the worst day of my life. Hammer: Now you see, right there, you're wrong. You've said many times that the worst day of your life was the day I joined the force. Now you feel better? Trunk: (glares) Yes.

    • Trunk: Hammer... something is happening. Put that network in the dumper. Hammer: I already did that last year.

    • Smartikoff: Get me a gun, let's kill him. Rinsler: Are you mad? Smartikoff: Of course I'm mad. Would a sane man work in television?

    • Smartikoff: I could start a fourth network, just like this. (snaps his fingers) Rinsler: There already is a fourth network. Smartikoff: That's a network? Rinsler: Yeah, I see your point.

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    Notes (2)

    • This episode was originally called "Max Sledgeroom" but was changed due to objections made by the Max Headroom producers.

    • To account for the fact Sledge had blown up himself, L.A., and everyone in it at the end of the previous episode, we're told that the second season is "Sledge Hammer - The Early Days", implying these episodes all happened before the first episode of the first season. Which is a gross contradiction since Doreau is in the "Early Days" episodes before she was introduced, but nobody really cared.

    Allusions (4)

    • Hammer: How sharper than a serpent's tooth is an ungrateful punk. Referencing a line in Shakespeare's King Lear--"How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have a thankless child."

    • Title The episode title refers to Stanley Kubrick's 1971 cult film, A Clockwork Orange, starring Malcolm McDowell and Patrick Magee.

    • VVC Tone The three tones played when the VVC logo is shown, are similar to the three tones played over the NBC logo. This is a dig to the rival network, as VVC stands for Vile Video Concepts.

    • VVC Logo The VVC logo featuring a dog sitting next to a TV resembles the famous ads for RCA Records, which show a dog curiously listening to a disc gramophone.

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