Sleepy Hollow: Watch the First 8 Minutes of Tonight's John Noble-Starring "The Sin Eater" (VIDEO)

By Kaitlin Thomas

Nov 04, 2013

Sleepy Hollow has only been off the air for two weeks, but it feels more like two centuries have passed since our TV screens have been graced with Ichabod and Abbie and their special brand of crazy. Thankfully, the waiting is over because the series returns tonight with an all-new episode guest-starring Fringe's John Noble. Fun fact: Noble recently confirmed he'll be returning for Season 2!

So while you digest that nugget of fabulous news, click play and watch the first eight minutes of tonight's "The Sin Eater," in which Ichabod learns the importance of baseball and trash-talking, and Abbie learns the perils of Katrina infiltrating her brain while she's driving.

Are you excited for Sleepy Hollow's return? 

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  • sheikyerbouti1 Nov 05, 2013

    we all know John Noble is amazing and was the most controversial of all the non-emmy-winners-that-should-have-been-winners winner, so i`ll tune in to see if it grabs me again.

  • sheikyerbouti1 Nov 05, 2013

    Yeah was very enjoyable, I`m a big Abbie fan, and JN as usual was outstanding.

  • Rolamb Nov 05, 2013

    It's good it's back! And John Noble. I still believe he should still be awarded an Emmy, at least for his performace in episode one of the last season.

  • antmorris3511 Nov 05, 2013

    Its about time. That three weeks felt like three months.

    I can't believe fox would risking losing so many viewers by pushing aside a hit show for 3 weeks in its infancy.

  • Bayleis84 Nov 05, 2013

    Yeah! Why did they do that? Three whole weeks, I doubt there was any logical reason for it, what are they trying to achieve, beside provoking waves of frustration!

  • Blessyourheart Nov 04, 2013

    I am ridiculously excited about all of this....Ichabod and Abbie and JOHN NOBLE on my tv! I am giddy!

  • chris21fl Nov 04, 2013

    How great is it that John Noble is coming back next season? I hope he becomes a regular.

  • ionee24 Nov 04, 2013

    How I've missed this show!

    I can't believe its just the first season it's been so good.

  • Aquitar94 Nov 04, 2013

    Saw it this weekend! I must say I find it hilariously sketchy how Katrina gives Abbie this vision while in the middle of driving. Is she trying to kill our witness?!? Is she really on Moloch's side?!? Lol all jokes aside I loved Ichabbie at the baseball scene and I'm really excited John Noble's in this! 7 hours 5 mins to go! Lol