The Sin Eater

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    Good solid episode

    By sherriesim, Dec 31, 2013

    Good solid episode, nice guest slot from John Noble

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    A comeback worth waiting for!

    By Alipeeps, Nov 05, 2013

    This was an amazing episode with which to return from the 3 week hiatus. The show is really starting to build some mythology now, with the addition of the Masons and the Sin Eater. We finally get some solid backstory for Ichabod, both of how he first met Katrina and how he changed sides from the British to the Colonials (these two events being, as it turned out, inextricably linked). We also get to see and explore the depth of the connection between Crane and Abbie, with the Mills sisters desperately searching for a way to find and save Ichabod and, along the way, both Abbie and Crane baring their souls, to each other and to Jenny and Parrish, openly admitting/talking about their special connection and how much it means to them. Lots of interesting revelations along the way, with Crane realising that Katrina hid his body in the cave to prevent the Masons, of whom he was himself a member, from ending his life in order to kill the headless horseman, and with it being spelled out, and both Abbie and Crane seemingly coming to accept that, rather than just having been thrown together, their fate as Witnesses was predestined and that together they can and will fight the coming apocalypse. We also find in this episode that Katrina can communicate with Abbie as well as with Ichabod, and that the headless horseman, with the spell that linked their souls now severed, is now hunting Crane.

    Behind the scenes interviews say that this episode begins the start of a longer story arc that will continue to the end of the season, moving away from episodic "monster of the week" stories. It has also been confirmed that John Noble's Henry Parrish will return for a further 3 episodes, including some in Season 2.moreless

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    By Dec1964, Nov 05, 2013

    This was very interesting, the way this story unfolded and how Ichabod meet Katrina with the story about Arthur Bernard. So Ichabod is a Freemason and was kidnapped by his own brotherhood, only to be told that he had to die for his sins. So Katrina comes to Abbie in a dream and told her exactly what she had to do to rescue Ichabod before the Horseman returns and so the only person Abbie can rely on is her sister Jenny. The both of them go in search of The Sin Eater who they do find and his name is Henry Parrish who at first doesn't want to help them. So the book that Rutledge had was written by Katrina and for a time the Masons and her Coven were allies until Rutledge said the Katrina betrayed they're trust, I suppose because Katrina cast that spell that would bind Ichabod and The Horseman forever and protect Ichabod from the Masons. (everything is for the greater good it seems). Abbie and Jenny do find Ichabod and Abbie tells him about a cure, but Ichabod insists this is the only way. Henry Parrish does come to save Ichabod and this whole ritual was very interesting and when Ichabod was told to say Arthur Bernard's name out load and summon him and then he appeared. The exchange of words between Bernard and Ichabod about destiny and forgiveness and Abbie just brilliant and John Noble was brilliant in this episode. Fantastic Episode Nuff Said.moreless

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